What are Beacons used for?

May 10, 2023

If you stopped right now and looked around, the chances are that you would notice at least one type of beacon.

Whether it be in the office or on the street, they are the most common visual indicator and part of everyday life.

There are so many uses for beacons:

Warning Beacons

The most common beacons are the ones that draw your attention to a specific hazard for example to warn you of an emergency.

Traffic Light Beacons

Used to direct the flow of vehicle traffic. Most recently during COVID, they have been useful to assist shops and supermarkets with the flow of customers.

Vehicle Beacons

Beacons that are attached to vehicles to warn of their presence such as police and ambulance vehicles, wide-load HGVs, forklift trucks and quarry vehicles.

Beacons for Navigation

To warn aircrafts for example of obstacles such as buildings and cranes.

Beacons for Automation

Stacking beacons assist in manufacturing environments such as a production line that requires attention.

The list is endless!

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