Did you know that an LED Rotating Mirror Beacon emits a more intensified beam of light than standard LED models?

Jun 19, 2024

Our range of traditional Rotating Mirror Beacons have a SOLID STATE LED LIGHT SOURCE.
💡 No more unreliable filament bulbs to replace – less maintenance and an extremely high light output!

Our Rotating Mirror LED Beacons (RM-LED) have an LED array, which is reflected off a rotating mirror. This produces an intensified beam of light, that is emitted over a 360 degree range.
For this reason, the light output is much more eye catching than standard LED models where the effect of a revolving LED is used.

RM-LED Series Luminous Intensity (Cd):

Colour – Luminous Intensity (Cd)
RED – 75
AMBER – 45
GREEN – 180
BLUE – 70
CLEAR – 200

Available in a choice of different housings, in Red, Amber, Green, Blue or Clear as required.

Extremely low power, typically less than 7W, makes these beacons suitable for fire and security systems, and for systems which feature battery back-up in case of failure of the primary power source. The ultra-low current draw means more units can be powered from a single source.

Ideally suited to areas of high vibration, with protective guards and mounting brackets also available.

See more here: https://beaconlamps.com/products/visual-warning-signals/rotating-mirror-led-warning-signals/
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