Loading Bay Lighting

May 29, 2024

Loading bay lights have become an essential safety tool on loading docks far and wide, making them a safer place for pedestrians and vehicles to load and unload trailers.

Lets take a look at the three most common types of loading bay lights in further detail:

🚨 <Loading Bay Traffic Lights>
This is by far the most common and the most safe light used in loading bays. The striking and clear colours of red or green allows for immediate attention and action where required, minimising the risk of pending danger and accidents.
This simple light has proven to be an effective solution in loading bay environments and has become a necessity rather than an option for people’s safety.

🚨 <Low Bay Lighting>
Low bay lighting is typically used in areas with less vertical distance to cover. Lower installation positions require a shallower lighting angle that makes it easier to light up vertical spaces/smaller areas.
Low bay lighting does not tend to be as powerful as high bay lighting as they are not required to light up a wide area.

🚨 <High Bay Lighting>
High bay lighting is usually the best choice for indoor applications where the ceiling is high and the area is wide. This powerful lighting solution provides a bright illumination throughout large indoor places such as warehouses & manufacturing facilities.
High bay lights need to be well positioned to make sure they cast a strong, consistent and equally effective light that can cover both horizontal and vertical surfaces through a wide angle.

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