Have you ever wondered how Hand Cranked Sirens work?

Feb 14, 2024

Hand cranked sirens are a simple warning signal, perfect for environments and applications where electricity is not available. They are also the perfect solution to use as a back-up alarm when there is a power failure.
So, how simple is simple?! Easy! You hold the siren in one hand whilst using the other hand to turn the crank handle! No power supply is needed, and they are maintenance free!
They work by manually turning or cranking the handle a few times to produce a sound, slowly getting louder with every turn. Inside the siren there is a motor that drives the shaft with an attached rotor to both ends. The rotor surround stator has a number of slots that are almost rectangle in shape. Each of the blades draws and forces air through the slots inside the stator whilst the plates at the end of each of the blades stop or interrupt the flow. As a result, it creates rarefied and alternating compressed air pressure that products a sound.
We offer a range of hand cranked sirens:

HDS-1 Siren.
This is a hand-held device, cast aluminium material. The siren has an additional finger trigger to adjust sound as needed:

HDS-2 Siren.
This is a tripod design device, cast aluminium material. The siren sits on the tripod whilst the drive handle is being cranked:

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