Lamps Explained

Jun 28, 2023

In today’s modern world, global warming, the environment, and energy saving is a big concern for our planet’s future. For this reason, certain lamps are no longer beneficial to be using and we are gradually moving forward to more energy efficient and durable lamps using the latest technology available.

As a manufacturer who requires lamps for our product, we have moved with technology to introduce mostly LED beacons across our range. In years gone by, our range has consisted primarily of three types of lamps; these being filament lamps, xenon lamps and LED lamps. Let’s have a look at each of these lamps in further detail:

So, what is a filament lamp? This lamp is one of the most common types of light bulb which typically contains a thin coil of wire called the filament, hence where the name comes from. They usually heat up once an electric current passes through the thin coil which produces light as a result. The advantages of filament lamps are they are low cost to purchase and are simple to use and replace. However as environmental factors have increasingly influenced the electronics market these types of lamps are becoming obsolete.

What is a xenon lamp? This lamp produces a very short burst of high intensity light. This happens by discharging the energy stored in a capacitor through the xenon flash tube that is filled with xenon gas at a low pressure. Xenon lamps use around 60% less power consumption than a typical incandescent lamp.

What is an LED lamp? A Light Emitting Diode is a special type of semiconductor diode which emits light when electric current flows through it. LED’s reach maximum brightness output in an instant when powered, is the most energy efficient of all lamps using around 75% less power consumption than a typical incandescent lamp and can be controlled into many different modes.

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