Different types of Warning Signals

Apr 3, 2024

Industrial warning lights are used in a wide variety of different applications. There are three different types of flashing lights most used in industrial applications: flashing strobe lights, rotating lights, and pulsing lights.

Here’s a brief insight into the different types of warning signals:

Flashing Strobe Lights.

A strobe light is used to emit regular flashes of light. Flashing strobe lights feature a high signalling effect through bursting white light and are widely used in warehouses and industrial facilities. This device is composed of a glass tube, filled with xenon gas that helps to produce a bright flashing sequence that can cover a wide range.

You commonly see such devices on moving machinery, security gates, lifting equipment, service vehicles and in emergency evacuation situations such as fires, chemical spills and hazardous gas leaks.

Rotating Lights.

Rotating lights are specifically designed to provide an effective warning signal. Often used on moving vehicles, a rotating or revolving mirror light is ideal because of its efficiency. Rotating beacons have an LED internal with a motorised mirror, the mirror works as a reflector, giving a focused light beam that attracts attention. By using LED’s in these devices, they are incredibly bright and only consume a small amount of power, making it a cost-effective signalling solution.

Rotating beacon lights are used in the same way as flashing strobe lights, but you will most familiarly see them on emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and fire trucks.

Pulsing Lights.

Pulsed lights, also known as blinking lights, are commonly used within harsh industrial areas as they are highly durable and able to withstand vibrations and shocks. By using LED pulsing beacons, they are also a cost-effective signalling solution.

Pulsing lights are commonly used in hazardous areas such as construction sites and on machinery.

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