Traffic Management Signalling

Jun 10, 2014

For Traffic Management, we have an advanced range of Multihead Indicators (Traffic Lights), and LED Indicator Panels, which are ideally suited to a wide variety of applications such as Loading Bay Signalling, Shutter Door Status, On-Site Traffic Management, Dockside Signalling, Factory Control, “FIRE” Alarm Warning, “STOP” Signalling, etc.

Our range of housings include a robust 2 or 3 piece unit with UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing and hood (Series MIH/xU), available as  a single unit, (150mm x 150mm base x 150mm high) or built as a complete unit of up to 4 pieces for signalling use (below).

Alternatively, we have the Series C, which is a smaller more compact unit, again available as singles, (94mm dia. x 85mm high) or built together as a complete unit of up to 5 pieces in colours required, in a red or white UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing.

Our range of LED Indicator Panels (IPN) have become extremely popular, consisting of  high-quality wide-angle LEDs for attention grabbing signalling, in a IP65 UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing (200mm x 150mm x 80mm). Many options available, including the IPN/002 Red/Green Traffic Light (above), the IPN/006 “STOP” signal, the IPN/016 “STOP/GO signal, and many more!

Our range of traffic lights are IP65 rated, and available as standard in colour combinations of Red/Green and Red/Amber/Green, other colours and colour combinations are available from a choice of Red, Amber, Green, Blue or Clear, available to special order.