PSU/LED Product Enhancement

Feb 5, 2020


We are pleased to promote our new improved PSU/LED indicator, which now replaces our original SBU product.

Often used together as a 2 or 3 high traffic light (also known as our MIH/2U or MIH/3U), our Series U now has a wider voltage range, incorporating the additional benefit of an extra function.

This IP65 rated, uni-directional LED signal is now available as a Pulsing (flashing) product, whilst still offering an easily selectable Static (non-flashing) option.

Whilst increasing this products versatility and adding an extra function, we we also able to remove the transformer from the circuit board, increasing its reliability and durability!


This Status Indicator is extensively configurable, with the option to add units from our Series T, Series U and Series W ranges, as well as the IAS-T Sounder and ISB-T Sounder Beacon.

       – IP65

       –  Pulsed (flashing) Uni-directional LED Signal with easily selectable Static (non-flashing) option

       –  Low current consumption

       –  24V – 36V dc and  115V – 230V uc (ac/dc) models

       –  Side and Base entry

Further information can be found on our web page, or alternatively our Sales Team are on hand to answer your enquiries – 01283 550850Click here for more information.