PSA/LED Stacking Module in Action!

Sep 17, 2014


As you may already know, our LED stacking beacon modules have been updated with 8 selectable flash patterns as standard. You can get a better look at these by watching this video that goes through all 8 options.

Having all these flash patterns in one module gives greater control to the end user and allows the flash pattern to be amended after installation rather than having to order new modules. The easy click together modules can also be rearranged in a matter of seconds if the colours need to be in a different order. The updated PSA/LED module can be ordered in a variety of colours and each one in the stack can be individually set, for example if you needed a static red and a flashing green. Up to 6 colours can be used in each stack (5 if you are using an ASA sounder module) making these modules highly versatile.

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