*NEW* STC Auto-Signal – ideal for Factory Automation!

Mar 8, 2023

The newest addition to our range is the STC/AUTO-SIGNAL – an IP65 rated, micro signalling tower with a diameter of just 32mm.

Ideal for multi-status signalling, the integrated high brightness RGB LEDs ensure maximum visibility with full tower display no matter how many signals are active at one time.

The STC/AUTO-SIGNAL offers individually Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Clear segments. But instead of leaving empty space for inactive signals, the light output is automatically scaled to fill the tower with the active colours giving the best possible visibility at any time.

Full polycarbonate construction with a clear lens, this micro tower brings versatile signalling capability, with minimum overall size, to the factory automation, visual indication and machinery building sector.

– Mounting by single M10 hole, with anti-rotation offset spigot (optional use).

– M20 adapter is available which allows easy mounting into conventional conduit entries.

– Powered from 24Vdc with colour control by individual inputs.

– Selectable active-high or active-low control operation.

– Static light output which can be flashed by means of a pulsed control signal.

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