Installation Accessories

Oct 14, 2014

To compliment our range of audible and visual warning signals, we also offer installation accessories for ease of mounting, etc.


Brackets to assist in the mounting of deegee audible and visual warning signals.

Fabricated from either stainless-steel or uv-stabilised polycarbonate these simplify the mounting of our product range.


Robust protective cage guards suitable for deegee warning signals and sounders.

Fabricated from plated mild-steel or stainless-steel these provide essential protection against accidental or deliberate damage.



Electronic Flasher Modules

The Solid-state Flasher Module (FMU/O) is designed to repetitively switch a load (up to 1A non-inductive) on/off at a rate of 40 pulses per minute.


Riser poles (250mm high) for our beacons and systems for mounting to standard 60mm diameter posts (e.g. signposts).