deegee Certified to new IIP Standard

Mar 16, 2016


D. G. Controls Ltd has become one of the first companies in the region to put itself forward for assessment to the new Investors in People (IIP) Generation 6. Never known to shy away from a challenge, the IIP assessor recognised “…the true spirit of continuous improvement.” We are delighted to report that we have met the requirements of the assessment and have received the new certificate.

Beyond recognising a lot of strengths, including being a close knit team, everyone understanding the direction of the business, feeling empowered to do the job and understanding the need for flexibility, the company scored over the industry average on leading and inspiring people, living the organisations values, and building capability (equipping the right people with the right skills!)

IIP is an integral part of the D. G. Controls business model; alongside ISO9001 and the Health & Safety regulations it underpins how the people and operation organises itself and carries out its day-to-day business. We have never viewed IIP as a dusty old file which gets taken off the shelf ready for each re-assessment; it’s about continually challenging ourselves in our business environment to work better, be the best we personally can be, and achieve more. It’s not just about getting the trophy, it’s about bringing business improvements and growth by virtue of tapping into more of our skill set and potential.

A copy of our new certificate may be downloaded from HERE.

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