Day 4

May 1, 2014


Today has been a great test of will-power as a group of friends came to our house and were treated to tea and biscuits whilst I had water.  But being for such a fabulous cause, and it leading to more conversations about the whole food and money issue made it all worth-while; it’s amazing what temptations one can resist!  Later today was a little more difficult as we visited a friend who had birthday cake – the boys enjoyed it whilst my eldest son kicked my glass of water over said friend’s lounge carpet!

The thing is, I still have half a tin of peaches to eat today, and only have one more day to go.  I can then return to my “normal” life where in reality I can buy whatever I want from the shop, get as fat as a house, and still not be worrying about the bailiffs knocking at the door.  What an enormous privilege and one of which I am very much aware.  The reality for over a billion people around the world, and for hundreds of thousands in the UK is that THIS WEEK is their “normal” life.  If this challenge not only raises money for charity partners who are working in the poorest countries of the world to bring people permanently out of poverty, but also gets people like me talking about the impact of how food, money and financial choices (or lack of choices) affect all of us in the UK too, then it’s been a worthwhile week.  If it helps with our understanding of the national and international issue and perhaps as a result increases our compassion, who could complain at that?

I write this tonight with a full tummy – boy, a tin of potatoes is REALLY filling!  But I am also aware how tired I am and how thirsty I’ve been, suggesting that whilst I haven’t been hungry, the overall “diet” this week, whilst affordable is not as ideal as it usually is; I have drunk over 5 pints of water each day, which is great, but I have had at most 2 portions of fruit/veg per day, nothing vitamin and mineral-fortified such as breakfast cereal or bread, and no milk.  I take all of these for granted, because I can afford to.  Once again, this has been a humbling and eye-opening experience.

So, what have I eaten on Day 4?

Carried-over from Day 3 £0.23, making today’s available spend £1.23 

Sainsbury’s Basics Tinned Peaches £0.35

Basics Chicken Flavoured Instant Noodles £0.20

Basics Meatballs in Tomato Sauce £0.40, mixed with Basics Tinned Potatoes £0.15

Total £1.10

 Carry-over to Day 5 £0.13

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 Once again I thank you so much for your donations, encouragement and support and for taking the time to read this Blog.