Day 2

Apr 29, 2014


Day 2 started with thanks for thriftiness on Day 1!  Having decided on today’s meals I was gutted to find the intended breakfast item, Basics Low Fat Yoghurt 4-pack at £0.33 was out of stock.  With three little boys needing to get to school and only 15 minutes in which to buy the day’s food or go hungry until after the 11.30 am pre-school pick-up I had to decide……pancakes as per Day 1, which I could afford and had enjoyed……….or use some of the carry-over money from yesterday and have almost what I had intended.  The latter won out and I spent £0.40 on Basics Fromage Frais which we use all the time with the children and I knew would give me the energy and the sweetness I would be craving through the day.  Phew!! 

Today has had both highs and lows, which I know sounds terribly dramatic!  The highs have been as sponsorship money has been promised, which makes the whole week have a purpose.  Additionally, as last year I have been touched by the level of interest of friends and workmates who have wanted to know more, and begun to think of the impact of food and money in their own lives.  For anyone who wants to know more about the eye-openers of those who have the money in their pocket being able to get the best deals, you will be able to find last year’s blogs on the D. G. Controls website Blog page.  Essentially, those with the least pay the most per kilo and are excluded from many of the promotional deals because of the up-front cost of BOGOF, Buy 2 get 3rd free, etc. 

Food can be really EXPENSIVE!!! 

But today has also been a bit tougher than yesterday although I say that in the knowledge that at any time I am so surrounded by food in my house that I could survive for weeks without buying any more, besides the fact of carrying it around my midriff, which it wouldn’t do any harm to lose!!  I don’t know if it’s the mix of foods, the lack of stimulants (coffee, tea, chocolate) or that I eat so much normally I live on a sugar high, but I have felt a lot more tired today, so much so that I grabbed the last 10 minutes before this afternoon’s school run to lie on my bed.  How ridiculous to be moaning about such things when 1.2 billion people around the world live like this EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES. 

And THAT’S what brings the reality check, the “quit your moaning” statements, and the humbling of the soul. 

So what have I eaten today? 








Carried-over from Day 1 £0.10, making today’s available spend £1.10 

Sainsbury’s Basics Fromage Frais 6-pack £0.40 (eaten throughout the day) 

Basics White Pitta 6-pack £0.22 (eaten throughout the day) 

Basics Tomato Soup £0.25 mixed with Basics Tinned Potatoes £0.15 

Total £1.02 

Carry-over to Day 3 £0.08 

If you would like to sponsor my efforts, I am raising money on behalf of Tearfund.  You can donate off-line directly with me, or on-line at

 Many thanks for reading.