Combined Beacon Sounders

Jun 28, 2022

A combined beacon sounder is an audible sounder with integrated beacon light. These dual function units can come in many different colours and sound tones and can be used in a variety of applications where noise or light can be an issue. By using a combined unit, all areas are covered and provide ample warning/alerts for people.

DG Controls offer a wide range of combined sounder beacons a few of which are highlighted below to show their unique functions:


This small unit packs a punch! It is an IP66 rated, 32 tone sounder with integrated LED beacon. The high intensity LED array is integrated into the horn and it has internal volume control.

Comes in a range of different voltages and has a 2-wire connection with switch selectable third wire for either alternate tone or independent selection of sound or light.


An IP66 rated, LED light with 64 tone sounder beacon. Has internal volume control with a maximum output of 114db. Again, comes in a range of different voltages had as 2-wire connection with third-wire/fourth wire for alternate tone selections.


 A high intensity xenon strobe beacon with a 64 tone sounder, IP65 rated.

The sounder on this unit has internal volume control and a maximum output of 114db.

 Available in a range of different voltages and has 2-wire connection with third-wire for alternate tone selection.

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