Case Study – LaserZone

Jul 4, 2014

LaserZone operate two leisure facilities – one is Castleford, Yorkshire and one in Brighton, Sussex. LaserZone is a space themed, hi-tech game of tag using electronic vests and phasors. The experience begins with a mission briefing, then the players get kitted up with their laser gear and play the game in a 3000sqft darkened labyrinth filled with swirling smoke, flashing lights and strange sounds.

LaserZone use our RFE Rotating Mirror Beacons at the start of every mission. Every twenty minutes, a siren sounds, a computerised voice announcement goes out and the beacons rotate, flashing brightly for around a minute to draw attention to the “airlock” where the players go to start their experience. The RFE Beacon is a 149mm by 194mm unit with an 80mm reflector that rotates around a lit filament lamp to create a high intensity flash, and also available in an LED version for lower power consumption and longer life. This is a great model for attracting attention and causing the drama perfect for LaserZone, as well as many other applications where something highly visible is required.












Garry Long, Operations Director at LaserZone, kindly said the following:

“The beacons work brilliantly with the theme of our reception area which is the inside of a grungy abandoned spacecraft. We’ve been really happy with the service and have used deegee several times now across various companies we run. The beacons have been totally reliable and easy to install. I’ll definitely be back for more when we open our third venue later this year!”

It is brilliant to see our products being used for such a variety of applications, from leisure uses like this to warning of danger and emergency.