Beacon & Combined Alarm Sounders

Mar 9, 2020


A single alarm warning may not be enough to provide safety to an entire manufacturing works. Now there is a solution to this in the form of an audiovisual alarm. This is an audible and visual warning suitable to work in an emergency situation, which is incorporated in just a single device, making it easy to install.

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Where to use Beacon Sounder combinations?

Alarm sounders are may be found in a variety of areas such as schools, laboratories, factories, and many more. They can also be used in checking the status of an airport through its pattern and colour. Emergency vehicles also take advantage of these sounder combinations to get the attention of other road users. Indeed, they are highly versatile to use.

How does it work?

Beacon sounder combinations are accessible for both indoor and outdoor applications- this assures the fullness of security and safety in a certain area.

They are equipped with various coloured lenses and are tone-enabled devices. It features different tones ranging from high to industry-standard frequency patterns.There are volume control and tunable specs to fully manage the device personally. The coloured lenses serve as a visual warning signal that can be seen from a distance.

Recommended Products

  1. 114 dB Multi-tone Sounder with Integrated LED beacon

Series ISB-C was released onto the market in 2018 and is proving to be extremely popular.

It offers an overall 64 tone combinations with a maximum volume output of 114dB. It has been designed with a clear lens with five colour LED options.


  1. ISB-T Combined Sounder Beacon

In 2014, this product was verified as an IP66 rated device, making even more versatile. It’s robust housing makes it suitable for a variety of different applications.

It is equipped with 64 electronic tones and high-intensity flashing LEDs available in many colours. The volume can be adjusted via an internal volume control to be used in a closed area, with the capability of a 114dB output.


  1. Series C Industrial Beacon Sounder Combo

These can be found as our XFC + IAS-C or PSC + IAS-C products.

They produce a sound output of about 110 dB with 64 tones to choose from, as well as offering a visual indicator in the full-colour spectrum, in either LED or Xenon Strobe.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these products are an ideal alternative to our combined beacon and sounder range.


As a conclusion, these combo alarms have been used by many manufacturing businesses today, and enhance safety and works operations immensely. Perfect for environments with a high noise levels, that require an audible warning signal as well as visual.


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