14 years at D.G. Controls!

Feb 8, 2023

January marked 14 years since Stacey joined our Sales Team!

Stacey first started working as a part of our Sales Team in January 2009, and has been a valued member of our team ever since! Since working with the company she has not only enjoyed many highs throughout her work; being a core part of our team, travelling for exhibitions, and meeting customers. She has also enjoyed many highs in her personal life, and it has been a joy to go on her journey with her. From purchasing her house, to getting a married and having children, deegee have been with her all the way through. Remembering in particular when Stacey got married, Team deegee organised her Hen Party, which resulted in many laughs…and many drinks!

Stacey said “I love working at D.G. Controls Ltd, there is a family atmosphere and I feel like I have grown with the company. It’s wonderful to see the company continue to grow and I look forward to the exciting year we have planned!”

Thank you Stacey for being a valued member of our Team, here’s to the next 14 years!