Space-Saving 3-in1 Beacon

Oct 17, 2008

Continuing to cause a stir in the market are the 3-in-1 beacons from deegee which hold red, amber and green LEDs on the same circuit for multi-status signalling.

The low profile of the D and R series housing make them a perfect alternative to tower lamps in industrial applications.   Designated PSD/DC/24/LED/RAG and SBR/DC/24/UNI-LED/RAG, both products are available in DC 24V.  Whilst the PSD offers 360° viewing through the side of the unit, which is good for pole-mounting or siting on top of a machine, the SBR is forward-facing, ideal for wall-or panel-mounting.

Larger 3-in-1 units utilise the E and U housing.  The E-housed circuit is dual-voltage, covering 12 and 24V DC or 115 and 230V AC.  Designated SBE/DC/*/LED/RAG or SBE/AC/*/LED/RAG, this is a great option for sideways 360° indication, such as when mounted on a pole.

SBU is a forward-facing directional beacon, working more like a traffic light.  Available as a 24V DC and a dual-voltage 115-230V AC unit, SBU/*C/*/UNI-LED/RAG is being used instead of multiple traffic light units in front of garages, industrial gates, loading bays, etc.

All deegee enclosures discussed above are rated to IEC Protection Class IP65, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor locations.