“Series C” Sounder gets attention

Nov 12, 2009

deegee IAS-C Sounder

Development is now complete on the deegee brand “Series C” Industrial Sounder, known as IAS-C.  Using the same white ABS housing as the Series C Beacons, the Sounder can be used as a stand-alone unit, or joined with one of the many visual beacons in the Series C range.

With a sound output of up to 110 dB and an initial complement of 32-selectable primary with secondary tones , the IAS-C packs a lot of punch for its size. 

Compatible with all of the Series C beacons, including the Indicator Signs, the IAS-C can be joined to the other units using the M10 moulded entries.  A further moulded M20 entry to the underside of the base makes it perfect for mounting direct to 51 centres of a conduit box.

Conforming to IP65 ingress protection, the sounder is effective for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Its low profile (85cm) makes it an attractive and discreet unit for office and public area use.

With models to cover DC and AC inputs, the IAS-C is well-equipped to suit any application.  Specifically the units cover the voltage range

  • 10 – 30 Vdc
  • 24 Vac
  • 48 – 78 Vac
  • 95 – 250 Vuc

All models are now available for delivery.