Sales Team expansion

Jan 7, 2008

Since 2001 D. G. Controls Ltd has been recognised as an Investor in People. Part of this Standard is to develop strategies to improve the performance of the organisation. D. G. Controls Ltd believes that a big part of this is to identify, recognise and develop team members’ potential, so that there is a promotion path through the organisation, allowing people to grow and be stretched.

To this end, an opportunity to add to the sales team at D. G. Controls has meant that Liz Hawes is now our Sales Administrator. Liz has worked in the production team for 3 years and so knows the deegee products well; she brings into the sales team an understanding of the day-to-day issues facing a production and dispatch operation, which in turn helps the sales team to appreciate the types of opportunities and deadlines which need to be addressed.

If you phone into D. G. Controls, it’ll probably be Liz that you speak to first, and as she develops in her new role, it’ll be Liz who will contact you about your orders, new products, etc.

Please join with us in congratulating Liz on her new position.