IPN/002 LED Stop / Go Traffic Light

IPN/002 Series

2-way LED Traffic Light 200mm x 150mm x 80mm

Compact LED Stop / Go Traffic Light - ideal LED loading bay light or LED dock light.

Mount one unit inside and one unit outside to provide clear signalling to both internal staff and outside lorry drivers.

Simple three-wire connection for straightforward integration with your system.  24Vac/dc unit maybe connected directly to your existing dock leveler or door control system.

Long-life LEDs = less maintenance; Low-power = lower energy costs which together mean much lower operational costs than traditional lamped units.

  • IPN/LED/002
  • Stop / Go traffic light
  • Best-value warning signal to minimise the risk of accidents around a loading dock
  • Red and green lights provide immediate and unmistakable instruction to drivers and loading dock staff, reducing the risk of confusion and/or error
  • Establishes a clear line of communication between the driver and dock personnel
  • Function selection by applying power to relevant terminals
  • High-quality wide-angle LEDs for attention grabbing signalling, even when viewing off-axis.
  • Robust design means that a distinct signal is maintained even if individual LEDs fail.
  • 24Vac/dc, 115Vac and 230Vac models
  • Red & Green LEDs with Clear lens
  • IP65

Formerly available as:

  • 381-3124 IPN/DC/24/LED/002/Red/Green
  • 381-3130 IPN/AC/115/LED/002/Red/Green
  • 381-3146 IPN/AC/230/LED/002/Red/Green

Stock availability

  24Vuc 115Vac 230Vac
IPN/002 In Stock In Stock In Stock

 Main Stock Codes

  • IPN/UC/24/LED/002/R/G
  • IPN/AC/115/LED/002/R/G
  • IPN/AC/230/LED/002/R/G

Lens colours:



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