Multi-Function (MFE) LED Beacons

Sep 4, 2007

Multi-status indication from the same beacon is sometimes necessary due to restrictions on space.  deegee has long had in its portfolio the MFE multi-function beacon, an LED beacon which has 360º viewing. 

A single MFE LED beacon can give 8 different warning signals, switchable externally.  Offering pulsed, wig-wag and chasing patterns, in several styles and flash rates, these beacons are well-suited to applications where low current draw is essential, the AC version drawing just 26mA at 230V and 45mA at 115V.

Available as a dual-voltage 115/230V AC and 12/24V DC unit, and in colours red, amber, green, blue and clear, the MFE is extremely versatile.  The ABS base with polycarbonate lens is rated to IEC Protection Class IP65, making MFE equally effective in indoor, outdoor and dusty environments.