Long-life static beacon

Jan 10, 2007

The newest addition to the deegee range of low energy beacons is the long life SB_/CFT

Fitting the E, G, H, J, K and T deegee housings, the SB_/CFT is a great solution for applications where low power consumption is essential, but without compromise on brightness. Using a fluorescent lamp, which has a life of around 10,000 operating hours, the reduced maintenance schedule makes the SB_/CFT ideal for more remote locations.

The 11W lamp draws over 5 x less current at 230V AC, than the equivalent brightness filament lamp, for the same light output.

* All the deegee enclosures are rated to IEC Protection Class IP65, apart from the SBG/CFT which is rated to IP68.

The SBT/CFT is supplied with all cable glands, whilst the other units have drill-outs for cable entry and mounting.

Housings are made from UV-stabilised engineering plastics (ABS for SBE/CFT, SBH/CFT, SBK/CFT base and polycarbonate for all lenses and SBG/CFT and SBT/CFT bases).

The SBJ/CFT base is cast aluminium, excellent for robust heavy-duty applications.

*46mA 11W Fluorescent Lamp compared with 242mA 60W Filament Lamp at 230V AC.