LED lamps preferred during maintenance visits

Oct 18, 2006

Sales of deegee brand LED Plug-In Modules have been given a boost thanks to a new contract awarded to Inelmatec N.V./ S.A., the sole distributor for the deegee brand in Belgium.

ledx and stacking beacon.jpg (52509 bytes)

Moulded with a B15d lamp cap fitting, the LED Plug-In Modules are being used across industrial sites to upgrade tower beacons. Replacing filament lamps, the Led Plug-Ins are being selected by engineers due to the long life-time.

Only 25mm in diameter, the LED Plug-In bayonet cap can be fitted to new and existing models of Stacker Beacons, Towers and Single Beacons.

High brightness Clear, Red, Amber, or Green coloured LEDs are fitted, and all versions are protected by a clear polycarbonate lens. 230V AC, 115V AC, and 24V UC (AC or DC) are available in all listed colours, and a 12V UC variant to special order.

With an estimated running life in excess of possibly 100,000 hours, maintenance can be severely cut. Cost-savings are also achieved due to the lower current draw compared with a filament lamp*.

Further detail on this and the entire deegee range can be found at http://beaconlamps.com/. Details of the Inelmatec N.V/ S.A. range can be viewed at www.inelmatec.be

* 24V unit draws 83% less current when fitted with the LED Plug-In versus a standard 5W filament lamp.