Largest ever product launch for D.G. Controls!

Apr 16, 2007

Group photo of new products introduced at Hannover Messe 2007

2007 represents our 40th year in business as a privately owned independent company and brings with it the largest ever product launch in the history of D.G. Controls Limited.  With introductions into virtually all corners of the range, these items add depth to our already comprehensive portfolio – certainly larger than any other UK beacon lamp manufacturer. The two main themes of this launch are low-energy signalling/status, consolidating our lead in LED signalling provision, and extending our range of Explosionproof products to include new high intensity xenon strobe beacons as well as a 118dB Explosionproof sounder.One of the hot-topics at present is the recent announcement by the EU to ban the use of incandescent lamps by 2009.  Whilst we believe that this is concerned only with domestic lighting, and that Health and Safety applications will be exempt, we do recognise the need to ever strive for more efficient lighting solutions.  To this end we have for many years invested heavily in LED technology and now offer a multitude of devices that provide a level of performance, as measured in Lumens per Watt, that exceeds that of equivalent incandescent-lamped products.  Needless to say, this is not limited to simple small indicators but extends across the whole deegee range to include Stacking Beacons, Aircraft Obstruction Warning, Direction and Status Panels as well as traditional Rotating Mirror beacons.To round off this current selection of new products we are also introducing a range of panel mounting DC sounder elements as well as post-mounting facility for our range of Status Indicators and Beacons.

IPN/016 STOP/GO LED Indicator Panel
IPN-016 STOP/GO LED Indicator Panel

  • “STOP” / “GO” Status Indicator
  • Dedicated, clear, distinct warning signal
  • Function selected by applying power to relevant terminal

Typical Order Code: IPN/DC/24/016 STOP/GO

IPN/018 3-colour Indicator PanelIPN/018 3-Colour Indicator Panel

  • Three-way “Traffic-Light” Status Indicator
  • High-density LED matrix light-source
  • Each channel selected by applying power to relevant terminal
  • Long-life (>100,000 hours typical) LEDs

Typical Order Code: IPN/AC/230/LED/018/R/A/G

Series G – Obstruction Warning BeaconsSeries G - Obstruction Warning

  • Heavy-duty IP68 obstruction warning beacon
  • Low-intensity Type A (>10 Cd)
  • Low-intensity Type B (>32 Cd)
  • Polycarbonate base and lens with Stainless-steel fixings

Typical Order Code: SBG/DC/LED-TYPE B/Red

Long-life Static Beacons with Low-energy Compact Fluorescent Tube

CFT Beacons

  • 230Vac static beacon fitted with compact fluorescent tube
  • Low-power – 11W fluorescent lamp equivalent to 60W incandescent GLS
  • Long-life – typical lamp life of 10,000 hours
  • Ideal for remote or hard-to-get-to locations
  • 360 degree all-round and 270-degree all-over visibility
  • Meets ICAO requirements for Low Intensity Obstruction Warning (Red only)
  • May also be supplied “Without-lamp” to allow end-user maximum choice in lamp-sourcing, current-draw and light-output
  • Available in SBE, SBG, SBH, SBK, SBJ and SBT housing styles

Typical Order Code: SBG/AC/230/CFT/Red

PSR/ULP-LED and SBR/ULP-LED Low-power beacons

ULP-LED Beacon

  • Pulsed (flashing) and Static (non-flashing) versions available
  • Full 360-degree all-round and 180-degree all-over viewing angle
  • Uses less than 1/6th of the power of the equivalent filament lamp version
  • Ideal choice where power is at a premium, or where heat output is a problem, for instance in a confined space
  • Perfect combination of excellent light coverage and low-profile format
  • 2 user selectable brightness levels
  • Can be combined with integral IP54 sounder element

Typical Order Code: PSR/AC/230/ULP-LED/Red or SBR/DC/24/ULP-LED/Green

SBR/UNI-LED/Red/Amber/Green – Static (non-flashing) Tri-colour Beacon

SBR 3-colour beacon

  • Unique beacon featuring clear lens and independently controlled Red, Amber and Green LEDs
  • Multi-status signalling where space is at a premium
  • Unidirectional LED beacon – light exits top of the dome
  • Ideal for wall-mounting due to low profile

Typical Order Code: SBR/DC/24/UNI-LED/Red/Amber/Green

PSR/ST-LED Strobe-LED Beacon


  • Short high-energy flash, simulating Xenon Strobe, whilst maintaining low energy consumption of an LED beacon
  • User-selectable Double-flash (Factory default) or Single-flash operation by “jumper” link
  • 360-degree all-round and 180-degree all-over viewing
  • Excellent visual alert in low-profile unit

Typical Order Code: PSR/AC/230/ST-LED/Red

SBU/UNI-LED/Red/Amber/Green – Static (non-flashing) Tri-colour Beacon

SBU 3-Colour LED Beacon

  • Unique beacon featuring clear lens and independently controlled Red, Amber and Green LEDs
  • Multi-status signalling where space is at a premium
  • Unidirectional LED beacon – light exits top of the dome
  • Ideal for wall-mounting due to low profile
  • Housing ideal for harsh environments

Typical Order Code: SBU/AC/230/UNI-LED/Red/Amber/Green

Panel Mounting Sounder Element

Panel mount sounder

  • Round panel mounting sounder element
  • Choice of Continuous-Tone (MT), Pulsed-Tone (PT) or Chime-Tone (CT) versions
  • Secured to the panel by a front screw-on outer ring
  • Body Diameter 36mm, Length 22.5mm (+10.5mm for tags)
  • Mounting bush Diameter 28mm, Length 10.5mm
  • Maximum panel thickness 3mm
  • Nominally 12Vdc, Rated 8 – 20Vdc

Typical Order Code: IAS-PM/DC/12/MT

Beacon Post Mount

Post-mount option

In addition to our range of standard mounting accessories we can also supply fittings to allow our beacons to be mounted onto standard posts.

We currently have options suitable for:
Series T, U, V and W beacons
MIH/2U and MIH/3U multi-head indicators
IPN series LED indicator panels
We can also supply post-mounting versions of our MB1, MB2 and MB7 wall mounting brackets to enable post-mounting of standard beacon lamps.

Typical Order Code: 1U-F060 Post Mount

High-intensity Explosionproof Xenon Strobe Beacon

High Energy Ex Strobe BEacon

  • Zone 1 & 2 use
  • ATEX, CSA, FM and IECEX approvals currently being sought
  • 20 Joule, 11 Joule and 5 Joule versions available
  • Double-flash and Single Flash options
  • Stainless-steel body with large well-glass and polycarbonate coloured lens-cap

Typical Order Code: XF/SS-EX/AC/230/SH/20J/Red

Ex15VT Explosionproof Sounder

Ex15VT Explosionproof Sounder

  • Zone 1 & 2 use
  • Up to 64 selectable tones
  • Optional playback-board for voice/sound reproduction
  • Up to 4 voice messages
  • Up to 4 alarm stages
  • Any stage can be site programmed with any on-board tone/message
  • Volume control
  • Synchronised operation
  • Tone-Voice-Tone link possible

Typical Order Code: ExVT/DC