High intensity LED beacon for office use

Nov 30, 2009

Using the low profile Series R enclosure from the deegee brand, PSR/*/*/LED-FIRE is a high-intensity, low-current L.E.D. warning beacon ideal for use with fire-alarm systems. Using high-intensity L.E.Ds. the beacon can achieve an effective luminous intensity of up to 115 Candela.

With a standard beacon flash rate of 60 flashes per minute, one of two synchronising modes (/SYNC) can be selected at time of installation using a jumper link.

In /SYNC mode 1 the units are connected in a network (output of beacon 1 to input of beacon 2 and so on) and all beacons will synchronise to beacon 1. In /SYNC mode 2 all beacons respond to a 5mS break in the power supply. This makes PSR/*/*/LED-FIRE perfect for use either individually or in a run for instance down a corridor, where synchronisation is essential to reduce stress on individuals during an emergency.

The systems designer can ensure that the unit is operated with maximum energy efficiency by selecting one of four brightness modes most appropriate to the application – 45Cd, 60Cd, 75Cd or 115Cd (default setting) – by way of two on-board jumper links. 

The Series R enclosure is perfect for public and office installation.