Day 2 – Live Below the Line

Apr 30, 2013

Day 2 of Live Below the Line has been successfully completed!

Although I was ready for my breakfast, I think it was more because this challenge has been so much on my mind for weeks all I am thinking about is food, rather than because I was overly hungry.  I and the three boys all slept well, so there were certainly no rumbles in the night.

I’d set the menu today as a “treat” day to keep the boys’ spirits up, hence the fishfingers (which are nutritionally pretty great when oven-baked or grilled), and Dominic’s choice of tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce.  I’d intended to “oven-chip” the potatoes, but having bought the salad ones at much less than the bag I’d intended, it seemed to make most sense to boil them.  Dominic commented that “these are new chips” (thank goodness for the naivety of five year olds!), but most importantly there was not a single morsel left on any of the four plates.

The boys are all still excited about the peaches and the pineapple – only another six tins to go and then they’ll never want to eat them again!

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