3 – Series F

Dec 3, 2009

deegee Series F beacon

Series F is the deegee enclosure of choice for very harsh environments including acidic conditions. 

Manufactured using AISI 316 stainless steel, and fully sealed with acid-resistant rubber gaskets, Series F is a heavy-duty beacon featuring a clear glass Fresnel dome over a coloured polycarbonate Series D dome.

The enclosure features fixing holes on 120 x 165mm centres, and side 20.5mmØ cable entry, and is  rated at IP65.

The most popular circuit fitted to Series F is the amber xenon 11Joule unit, but static, pulsed and simulated revolving LED circuits are also available, as is a voltage ranging xenon (12-100Vdc, 12-72Vac).

Offering 360 all-round visibility, Series F can be mounted vertically or horizontally, indoor or outdoor.