Loading Bay Lighting

Loading Bay Lighting

Loading bay lights have become an essential safety tool on loading docks far and wide, making them a safer place for pedestrians and vehicles to load and unload trailers.

Lets take a look at the three most common types of loading bay lights in further detail:

🚨 <Loading Bay Traffic Lights>
This is by far the most common and the most safe light used in loading bays. The striking and clear colours of red or green allows for immediate attention and action where required, minimising the risk of pending danger and accidents.
This simple light has proven to be an effective solution in loading bay environments and has become a necessity rather than an option for people’s safety.

🚨 <Low Bay Lighting>
Low bay lighting is typically used in areas with less vertical distance to cover. Lower installation positions require a shallower lighting angle that makes it easier to light up vertical spaces/smaller areas.
Low bay lighting does not tend to be as powerful as high bay lighting as they are not required to light up a wide area.

🚨 <High Bay Lighting>
High bay lighting is usually the best choice for indoor applications where the ceiling is high and the area is wide. This powerful lighting solution provides a bright illumination throughout large indoor places such as warehouses & manufacturing facilities.
High bay lights need to be well positioned to make sure they cast a strong, consistent and equally effective light that can cover both horizontal and vertical surfaces through a wide angle.

See more here: https://beaconlamps.com/products/traffic-management-signals/led-status-signals/

Have you seen our Traffic Management Lighting solutions?

Have you seen our Traffic Management Lighting solutions?

We have several Traffic Light options available, with our IPN range being hugely popular for this particular application. Ideally suited to Loading Bay or Dock Lighting locations, these products are simple to install, long lasting, and maintenance free.

Whether you require a STOP / GO indication, or WAIT / ENTER instruction, our Indicator Panels are the ideal solution!

See the range here: https://beaconlamps.com/products/traffic-management-signals/led-status-signals/

The U Series Beacon

The U Series Beacon

Did you know?

The U series beacon is designed to be easily configurable.

Multiple units can be joined together from the T, U, V and W series allowing you to create your own signalling system!

– IP65 rated

Low current consumption

– 12-36vdc and 115-230vuc available

Pulsed or static options, selectable via the internal jumper

– Side and base cable entry

– Clear lens eliminates the problem of the indicator appearing ‘ON’ when struck by direct sunlight

– Can be mounted to panels, walls or brackets

Looking for a traditional traffic light option?

We also offer the U series in a pre-configured 2-way or 3-way traffic indicator, the MIH/2U and MIH/3U in red and green or red, amber, and green for easier ordering.

Want to know more?

Contact our sales team on 01283 550850 or alternatively, email us – mail@beaconlamps.com

The perfect solution for Traffic Management applications…

The perfect solution for Traffic Management applications…

IPN/002 Red/Green 2-Way Traffic Light

IP65 rated and enclosed in a UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing for protection from the elements. The long life LEDs ensure low maintenance, making the IPN/002 the perfect solution for loading bays, shutter doors and retail traffic management.

Speak to our dedicated customer service team on 01283 550850 or alternatively via email mail@beaconlamps.com for further information.

Traffic Light Systems

Traffic Light Systems

Traffic lights are signalling devices most commonly positioned on roads, junction intersections and pedestrian crossings to control the flow of traffic. They are also found in many other various areas of our life, on buildings, bridges, train stations, even in supermarkets!

They are installed globally and are instantly recognisable by always using the three standard colours of red, amber and green.

Here we will look at the three most common traffic lights used on our roads:

Red/Amber/Green Traffic Lights.

These lights are the most commonly found as we see them daily on the roads we use to help ease the flow of traffic. The red light means ‘stop’ the amber light means ‘caution’ and the green light means ‘go’. They assign the right of way for the road user and help to ensure our busy roads run as smoothly as possible.

Walking Man Traffic Lights.

These are usually indicators for pedestrians; indication when it is safe to cross a road by lighting up with a green walking man, or not yet safe by lighting up with a standing red man. The same notion of colours is seen here, green for go, red to stop.

Wig-Wag Traffic Lights.

Wig-wag lights are commonly found in colours amber-amber or red-red and are generally used on level bridge crossings and other places where there is a need to stop ordinary traffic flow.

Without these simple yet very effective lights, our roads would be in utter chaos as every year the roads get busier and busier with more traffic flowing through them. The use of technology monitoring and maintaining the flow of traffic through lights are a necessity in our everyday life.

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