*NEW* STC Auto-Signal – ideal for Factory Automation!

The newest addition to our range is the STC/AUTO-SIGNAL – an IP65 rated, micro signalling tower with a diameter of just 32mm.

Ideal for multi-status signalling, the integrated high brightness RGB LEDs ensure maximum visibility with full tower display no matter how many signals are active at one time.

The STC/AUTO-SIGNAL offers individually Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Clear segments. But instead of leaving empty space for inactive signals, the light output is automatically scaled to fill the tower with the active colours giving the best possible visibility at any time.

Full polycarbonate construction with a clear lens, this micro tower brings versatile signalling capability, with minimum overall size, to the factory automation, visual indication and machinery building sector.

– Mounting by single M10 hole, with anti-rotation offset spigot (optional use).

– M20 adapter is available which allows easy mounting into conventional conduit entries.

– Powered from 24Vdc with colour control by individual inputs.

– Selectable active-high or active-low control operation.

– Static light output which can be flashed by means of a pulsed control signal.

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LED Status Signals

LED Status Signals

A status signal is a type of beacon which tends to have 2 or more colours to signify the varying status of a machine, process or situation.

Typical colours for a status signal are Red/Green and Red/Amber/Green but this is by no means fixed as LED’s are now readily available in various pure colours from Infra-Red to Ultra Violet.

The signals and colours chosen are often in accordance with current guidelines and standards, but ultimately dictated by the end user’s application.

LED status signals are simple in concept but powerful and effective in application. The ability to combine many small LED’s into a matrix allows for coloured words, shapes and signals to be created to your requirements, increasing their effectiveness and appeal.

The variety of LED colours now available makes it easily possible to have a single unit with multiple colours being emitted from a single enclosure which is a great alternative and space saver to having 3 separate beacons. This would have been difficult to achieve with a filament lamp or other light sources.

With the obsoletion of filament bulbs, LED products are fast becoming the chosen product for status signals for many reasons; the biggest reasons being they are low maintenance and low power consumption. With an LED unit the ability to be easily switched on and off is almost instant thanks to the use of an electronic circuit board, this makes the pulsing and brightness control relatively simple for LED signals.

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Modular Stacking Beacons

DG Controls Modular Stacking Beacons are suited for a range of applications but are particularly ideal for multi-status signalling applications and commonly used on machinery to draw attention to fault conditions and warning messages.

The towers are easily assembled as they have a simple twist and click locking mechanism. The vertical interlocking system incorporates the electrical connections enabling the end user to assemble a choice of tower simply and quickly. Each tower can be made to 6 modules high and be mix and matched to have a sounder module, LED module or xenon module. Alternatively, they can also be used as a single indicator; the modular construction of these towers allows the end user to add or take modules away to suit the required needs at each station.

Another benefit of the modular construction is it allows quick removal of the units for maintenance purposes which is better for minimising disruption.

Available in 8 mode multi-function LED, xenon strobe and sounder; the tower has a wide range of modes and colours meaning they can be easily used for many different applications.

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What are LED Status Signals?

What are LED Status Signals?

Light signals equip many industries from possible danger, or loss of production due to machine breakdowns. They give out coloured lights to deliver a warning message among the workers around the area. LED Status Signals give a clear precise message to ensure there is no confusion.

LED Status Signals Explained

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are a noteworthy component in creating status signals. Lesser energy is consumed along with the operation, compared to other light components. They also release a higher level of light intensity, to ensure visibility in a wide area.

LED Status Signals have versatile applications apart from on-site traffic, including factory control, fire alarm, dock lights, and many other uses.

The light colour combination is available in red, amber, green, blue, and white, depending on the application.

Recommended Products

LED Status Signals also come in different forms, as the latest technology of beacons. With different ranges available, the very best choice can be made for your application:

Series IPC

This status signal is available in two models – the 010 Series and 012 Series. Each device works to protect the workplace against any elements like fire, machine malfunctions, and many more. Both are modular units made of polycarbonate lens stock in a UV-stabilized ABS material. They are static LED status indicators used for giving directions on site.

IPC/010 Series

010 Series is a red-cross indicator, indicating a “stop” signal. The main unit is made of red LEDs covered by a clear lens.

Merging the device with other units is possible to make multiple signals in a single operation.

IPC/012 Series

Same as the 010 Series, it can be linked with other units to deliver a composite signal. The difference is 012 Series indicates direction with a green arrow signal.

The arrow can change in position by simply rotating the cover in 90-degree increments. Therefore, 012 Series could indicate different directions as you wish.

Series IPN

Series IPN is unlike the previous model whereas it is made of colour combinations rather than a particular colour of the lens. These status signals are more specific and easy to understand. They can be placed anywhere in the workplace, where ever necessary:

001 Series

This is a direction status signal with cross and arrows combined. Each indicator sign can be altered in positions at any combination. Arrows can also be rotated upwards and downwards.

002 Series

This is a two-way LED traffic light, a combination of stop, and go command. It helps to minimize accidents for loading dock staff.

003 Series

003 Series can be either flashing or static in giving signals. It is a “fire” signal made of red LEDs.

005 Series

A wig-wag signal with alternate or simultaneous flashing modes is available in various colour combinations.

006 Series

This is a clear “stop” signal made of red LEDs. It can be flashing or static, whichever is more suitable.

010 Series

A cross signal indicates a hazard-prone area. Like the “stop” signal, the red LEDs can be flashing or static mode.

012 Series

This is a green arrow signal indicating directions. Rotate the enclosure to change directions, if necessary.

016 Series

Dock loading requires a stop/go signal for safer operation. The LED is coloured red and green, respectively, and both are static.

018 Series

A common traffic light is made up of three colours, such as red, amber, and green. It is perfect for weighbridge applications for a more efficient and safer setup.

020 Series

Dangerous areas need to be more secured, hence a wait/enter signal will help. It is a clear signal when to enter and not to enter a particular room or area on-site.

022 Series

Pedestrian signal keeps the public safe from possible dangers on the road. 022 Series is a walking/standing pedestrian signal in colors green and red LEDs, respectively.

023 Series

A “full” signal is necessary for storage areas. Red LEDs are used to give a clear signal in either flashing or static mode.

024 Series

024 Series is ideal for automated car wash applications due to “stop” and arrow signals combined. It is built with arrow forward and reverse in green and amber LED, accordingly.

025 Series

Lastly is a “brand” signal available in two intensity levels, either 100% or 25%. They can be static or flashing in red LEDs.

Final Thoughts

If you want to protect your workplace greatly, LED status signals are a perfect tool to invest in. Each type of warning device will meet particular needs, not only indoors but also on-site. With several options available the goal of safety can be easily achieved.

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PSU/LED Product Enhancement

PSU/LED Product Enhancement


We are pleased to promote our new improved PSU/LED indicator, which now replaces our original SBU product.

Often used together as a 2 or 3 high traffic light (also known as our MIH/2U or MIH/3U), our Series U now has a wider voltage range, incorporating the additional benefit of an extra function.

This IP65 rated, uni-directional LED signal is now available as a Pulsing (flashing) product, whilst still offering an easily selectable Static (non-flashing) option.

Whilst increasing this products versatility and adding an extra function, we we also able to remove the transformer from the circuit board, increasing its reliability and durability!


This Status Indicator is extensively configurable, with the option to add units from our Series T, Series U and Series W ranges, as well as the IAS-T Sounder and ISB-T Sounder Beacon.

       – IP65

       –  Pulsed (flashing) Uni-directional LED Signal with easily selectable Static (non-flashing) option

       –  Low current consumption

       –  24V – 36V dc and  115V – 230V uc (ac/dc) models

       –  Side and Base entry

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