2015 – at a glance


After such a busy, action-packed year at deegee, we thought it worthwhile taking a step back to reflect….

The early part of the year included our participation at the Hannover Messe Trade Fair, where we exhibited a variety of our products, including Stacking Beacon Towers, Traffic Light Indicator Panels, ICAO Obstruction Warning Signals, and much more.  Look-out for what’s coming in time for Hannover Messe 2016!

Our European trip saw the close of the second quarter, which consisted of visits to 5 countries –
spending precious time with some of our Overseas Distributors, from which came some fresh and innovative ideas!

The second half of the year led us into the long – term testing of our rotating mirror beacons, fitted upside down. The durability of these products is outstanding, and we were pleased to convey the success of the outcome.

The XFR/AC/24 was introduced into our range – by popular demand, as a low–cost, low–profile xenon beacon, in 24v AC.

December saw Jon and Wendy visiting our distributor in Sweden to help Toleka celebrate their 30th Anniversary.  It was super to spend time with them to both celebrate their journey so far and to build further this solid relationship – both companies have fantastic plans for 2016 and beyond.  Also, it has to be reported that Jon’s team won day-two’s Segway/Laser-shooting challenge! 😉

We are also pleased to confirm, that following a recent ISO9001:2008 Audit, beacon group-transwhere our Quality Management System is thoroughly interrogated by a DQS auditor, we have been re-issued certification for a further 3 years!

Finally, all that is left to say is a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody that teamDEEGEE have come into contact with during 2015 – without you all there is little point in what we do 🙂

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy Christmas – Let’s all look forward to a fantastic 2016!

Dimmable IPN Indicator Panels

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Following a customer request, we have begun offering many of our IPN Indicator Panels with a dimmable option – ideal for applications where the lights are to be installed in staff working areas and can be too bright and distracting.

Units can be either set to one of five pre-set intensity levels (100%, 50%, 25%, 10% or 5%) using internal jumper links, or configured to run at 100% with a single lower intensity level (50%, 25%, 10% or 5%) selectable by an external control signal.

Models that already have this function as standard are: IPN/006 “STOP”, IPN/010 “Cross”, IPN/012 “Arrow”, IPN/017 “Go” and IPN/023 “Full”.









Next to join the list in the coming months is the IPN/002. Please contact our sales team for availability.









Rotating Mirror Beacons

Rotating Mirror Beacons

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Improvement of our Rotating Mirror Beacons is now complete and we are pleased to offer them for same or next day despatch.

Our Rotating Mirror Beacons come with either B15D Filament Lamp, Tungsten Halogen Lamp or LED, and are available in most Series of the deegee range, meaning availability in a variety of shapes and sizes.

RFERFE – Most popular sized unit







RFJ – Heavy duty cast aluminium base unit









RFG – IP68 unit ideal for marine applications








RFK – Shallow base unit


Looking for something without moving parts? Why not have a look at the Revolving LED Beacons which simulate the Rotating effect without the spinning mirror. Please contact the sales team for more details.




PSA/LED Stacking Module in Action!

PSA/LED Stacking Module in Action!


As you may already know, our LED stacking beacon modules have been updated with 8 selectable flash patterns as standard. You can get a better look at these by watching this video that goes through all 8 options.

Having all these flash patterns in one module gives greater control to the end user and allows the flash pattern to be amended after installation rather than having to order new modules. The easy click together modules can also be rearranged in a matter of seconds if the colours need to be in a different order. The updated PSA/LED module can be ordered in a variety of colours and each one in the stack can be individually set, for example if you needed a static red and a flashing green. Up to 6 colours can be used in each stack (5 if you are using an ASA sounder module) making these modules highly versatile.

Please visit our website or contact the sales team for more information.


New Datasheets and Wiring Instructions

We have been very busy recently retesting our products and updating our datasheets and wiring instructions. Quite a lot of these are already available in the new format and can be found on the website or PDF’s can be requested from the Sales Team.

We have moved away from the printed catalogue format as we are constantly improving and developing our products, causing the printed catalogues to become out dated quickly. A range overview of our products can still be requested from the Sales Team for a collection of our products, however technical data is best requested as required to ensure that it is fully up to date. Our wiring instructions are also being updated, with your commonly asked questions in mind, to ensure they are as helpful and as easy to follow as possible.

If you still can’t find the information you require, please contact our Sales Team on 01283 550850, or email mail@beaconlamps.com, and we will be happy to assist you further.