Installation Accessories

Installation Accessories

There are a wide variety of installation accessories available with most sounders and beacons that help to aide greater visibility, makes general maintenance of the unit easier as it is more accessible and provides protection from nearby elements.

Wall Mounted Brackets

Right angled brackets are ideal for fixing to a wall to mount a beacon or sounder parallel to the wall.

Pivoting brackets are also a great option as they allow the direction of the beacon to be changed after installation by pivoting on a bolt holding the two parts together.


Metal guards can be fitted over a beacon to protect it from many elements; from forklift trucks, falling objects to acts of vandalism. These are particularly useful in industrial environments.
Guards can also be used together with wall mounted brackets.

Pole Mount

Pole mounts are useful for raising a beacon up from the mounting surface for greater visibility. These are particularly useful in areas where you require a beacon to stand above machinery or other obstacles which may affect the viewing of the beacon.
Pole mounts can be used together with wall mounted brackets.

Post Mount

Post mounts are commonly used for traffic light units. These hold the units in place on a post and give greater flexibility on where the traffic light can be mounted rather than just being limited to wall mounting.

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Installation Accessories

The Importance of Installation Accessories

The installation of warning signals is essential in most industries today. Doing it right makes the device more effective in keeping the workplace safe. Thus, the importance of correct installation can be assisted by utilising proper accessories on each warning device.

Installation Accessories Overview

Installation accessories exist to bring extra care to the warning devices when installed in mounting options. The material must pair with the warning beacon model to deliver the best setup.

These are a vital component of any warning signal that ensures safety in the area. They secure the main device in place even in areas affected by vibrations. As a result, warning signals could offer better operations in the workplace.

Recommended Products

Wall Mounting Brackets

This accessory is suitable for both beacons and sounder devices to be mounted on the wall. These right-angled brackets are made up of either UV-stabilised polycarbonate or stainless steel material, and secures warning devices parallel to the wall.

There are several options available, as the mounting brackets vary in size to correspond with the co-ordinated products. One of the available options is the MB15 Pivoting Bracket which allows warning signals to change in directions after installation. The added bolt holds and rotates the device if necessary.

Pole Mount

Mounting a beacon is necessary to provide better visibility, and pole mounts can be helpful for this application.

Its height ranges from 250mm to 1000mm which might be seen above any obstacles in the area. Viewing the beacon will be easier from a distance.

Pole mounts are coated in white or black to match your unit. They are out of metal to ensure durability.

Post Mount

The post mount is similar to pole mount but used in a different way. Installation of traffic light units could be better with a post mount, specifically for MIH and IPN units.

A traffic light is never limited to wall mounting with this accessory. It provides flexibility during the installation while placing the signal on a higher surface.

The F060 model is equipped with two straps at the back of the unit to secure the beacon, and is suitable for fixing to a 60mm diameter post, with safety in mind.

Cage Guards

These are installed for extra protection over a beacon, to minimise impact or possible damage. Cage guards can be used together with a wall mounting bracket to secure a single beacon.

They are manufactured from stainless steel, and vary in size, to correspond with the different sized products available.

Guards are ideal for industrial environments and in other applications.


Warning beacons promote safety in a numerous amount of different applications, which is why it is imperative that they are installed correctly. With the correct installation, the lifespan of the warning devices is prolonged, thus improving their performance. Installation accessories will also benefit the devices’ maintenance greatly. The cost of repairs and other expenses should be reduced in the future as a result.

Installation accessories are of course, an optional extra. They are extremely useful to ensure ease of fitting, and deliver extra caution in an area.

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