deegee host International Innovation Event

deegee host International Innovation Event


This week, deegee had the pleasure of hosting our first ever International Innovation Event.

We were joined by a number of our largest Overseas Distributors, who travelled from all over Europe to participate in discussions.


Dinner and drinks were enjoyed at Burton on Trents largest Oriental Restaurant on the evening prior to the event, with the main event held at our central office, based in the heart of Derbyshire.



With the gentlemen arriving prepared with some outstanding ideas, the day consisted of many hearty discussions, presentations, suggestions, laughter, and copious amounts of sharing – the atmosphere could only be described as nothing other than, electric.



It was interesting to hear the application ideas that were shared along with product suitability, which proved extremely useful for all. New product ideas were discussed, along with a brand new product launch!


We were completely blown away by the commitment and participation displayed in abundance throughout the day, as we were reminded how privileged we are to be working alongside people who share such values.


A huge thank you to all that attended – we very much look forward to hosting our next event!


PSC/STL LED ‘Strobe’ Beacon

PSC/STL LED ‘Strobe’ Beacon

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Whilst giving a similar visual effect as a xenon strobe, with its crisp, bright flashes, the actual light source for our PSC/STL is surprisingly, LED!

Moving forward with technology, we found that we could achieve an effect, very similar to xenon strobe, using LEDs.

While the sleek, low profile design of the product allows ease of fitting, not only is the PSC/STL simple to install, but also extremely economical.


An LED strobe light is typically made up of a matrix of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), which are solid state and do not use a gas to create illumination, as xenon strobes do. LED strobes are now also as bright as, if not brighter than, xenon strobes, and have various benefits:

  • Energy Efficient – LEDs have an estimated energy efficiency of approximately 80 – 90% when compared to conventional bulbs. This means the majority of electrical energy is converted to light, whereas with most other light sources a lot of this energy is converted to, and lost as heat.


  • Less Maintenance – LEDs have a much longer life expectancy than xenon bulbs for greater cost-efficiency.


  • Light Dispersement – A higher application efficiency can be achieved using LEDs, as they are designed to focus light, so it can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector. This gives a more concentrated beam of light, increasing efficiency.


  • Durable – LEDs are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts, they are extremely durable and can withstand most rough conditions.


  • More Consistent – LED output is extremely stable and has no arc wander or flash-to-flash variation associated with xenon light sources.


  • Crisp, Sharp detail – LEDs are capable of running at much higher flash rates than xenon strobes without the loss of intensity that was required with xenons.


  • Ecologically Friendly – As LEDs are longer lasting than xenon bulbs, there is much less waste in material. They are free of toxic chemicals, therefore helping towards the environment.


  • Instant Lighting – LEDs offer instant lighting, where xenon strobes may be slightly delayed, LEDs brighten up immediately when powered.


  • Low Voltage – There are no restrictions where LED lighting can be used, as a low voltage power supply is sufficient. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, the use of LEDs allows diversity and versatility.
The PSC/STL LED Strobe Beacon has the capability to join multiple units together if desired, to provide an integrated signalling system.

Available in Red, Amber, Green, Blue & White – further information can be seen here:


deegee Launch an Array of New Products…..

deegee Launch an Array of New Products…..

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Hannover 2016 Hall11 Stand A70 D G Controls Ltd

The team are ready at the Hannover Messe Trade Fair, as the show kicks off into full swing! deegee are particularly excited to launch a variety of new products, which can be viewed on the stand, including:



PSC1     PSC/LED/Red/Green, a two-colour signal in one combined unit, neatly presented in our ‘C Housing’, available in 24V DC. Further information can be found HERE.






PSB Monitored HP-LED Beacon, a specialised version of our ‘PSB/HP-LED’ Beacon available in 24V DC, with the additional functionality of fault monitoring, checking the operation of the device. Further information can be found HERE.





    XFR Xenon Beacon, our low-profile product available in 12 – 24V DC, 115V & 230V AC, and now also in 24V AC, to cater for an even wider range of applications. Further information can be found HERE.







    PSC/4PL Low-Power Beacon, an economical multifunction LED unit with low power consumption and 8 different operating patterns, available in 24V DC. Further information can be found HERE.







PSD   PSD/SML, a value version of our Pulsed LED beacon, designed with the single aim of replacing the B15D Filament Lamp version of the PSD. Available in a pulsed or static operating mode, in a variation of voltages. Further information can be found HERE.







These products, along with many more can currently be seen on our stand at the Hannover Messe, in Hall 11 Stand A70 until Friday 29th April, or alternatively, our Sales Team in the UK can be contacted for more information.

New Yellow Lenses IN-STOCK!


We are today excited to announce that, due to unprecedented customer demand, the majority of our Series E and Series T beacons are now available with Yellow lenses.  This rounds-out these ranges with a total of six colour options – Red, Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue and Clear – allowing you to select the colour that best suits your application.

The new products that are available today are as follows:

Series E

Series T