Revolving LED Warning Signals

It is undeniable that in today’s day and age, LED – or Light Emitting Diode products now are having a boom in the industry. They are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people use them in their day to day lives. Why…? This is mainly because of the fact that they have low consumption of power and are low in maintenance.

Well, actually, these products that use Light Emitting Diodes are now the first option for warning signals, status signals, and some other safety devices. There are various products that bid unlimited advantages with their LED capabilities, just like shaking resistance, durability, as well as high proficiency. These advantages are all beneficial for the betterment of giving safety as well as security to those who use it.

The LED technology has now emerged with warning signals to come up with a more astounding and more beneficial warning signal, which can be a great help in giving safety and security to many people. Likewise, there are various types of LED warning signals, there are Pulsed LED warning signals, Revolving LED warning signals, and so much more.

videoblocks-safety-first-animated-word-cloud-text-design-animation-kinetic-typography_b1gcsjxatl_thumbnail-full09What is LED?

LED or the Light Emitting Diode is a light source that is in a two-lead form. Furthermore, it is a p to n junction type of diode that is capable of emitting light when activated. When there is already a suitable current that is applied to the leads, the electrons are able to combine with the electron holes, thus releasing energy in the photons form. This particular effect is known as electroluminescence, and the colour of the light is actually determined by the energy of the semiconductor. The light emitting diodes are usually small and the integrated optical gears may be used to shape the radiation pattern.

The early forms of LEDs were often used just like indicator lamps that are used for electronic devices. They actually replaced the small incandescent bulbs. Soon, they were packaged into some numeric readouts in the form of a seven-segment display. Moreover, there are recent advancements in the technology that produced LEDs that are ideal for the task and environmental lighting. They are then also used for beacons and warning lights to provide safety to many people.

What are Revolving LED Warning Signals?

Obviously, as its name implies, it is a type of warning signal. The revolving LED warning signal is a warning light that has the function to light the LEDs in turn around the unit, simulating a rotating or revolving effect. The colours used give an indication of varying positions of a particular phenomenon, situation, process, machine, or status. LED warning signals are common in colours, green, red, amber, yellow, etc.

Revolving LED warning signals are not just installed to make a structure or a certain thing look safe. No, its main function is to provide proper signalling to those who are for example, in danger. When they are installed in a proper manner, they can be a great help in providing additional safety to people. Moreover, the signals that the revolving warning signals make are actually valuable in suppressing the safety and efficiency of people. Not just that, it can be a life saviour too.

These type of warning signals are truly a blessing for many. In fact, this heavy duty revolving LED warning signals are ideal to use in industrial facilities, construction sites, as well as in emergency response situations.

The revolving function is now one of several different functions that are incorporated into our Pulsing LED Beacons, which also includes a Static option. Our full range can be seen here:

The Importance of Revolving LED Warning Signals

As specified earlier, revolving LED warning signals are ideal to use in industrial facilities, construction sites, as well as in emergency response situations. Therefore, it is safe to say that this type of warning signal is very important for numerous applications relating to safety and security.


The significance of Pulsed LED Warning Signals

The significance of Pulsed LED Warning Signals

What is the Significance of Pulsed LED Warning Signals?

In this day and age, LED products are becoming more and more popular. This is because of its low power consumption and low maintenance. In actual fact, these LED products are now becoming first choice for status signals. There are LED products that offer limitless advantages, just like resistance to shaking, high efficiency, and long life. Furthermore, as well as the capability to instantly turn on and off the electrical circuits. All of these amazing advantages make the brightness as well as the pulsing control simple on LED warning signals.

Additionally, Light Emitting Diodes are available in several colours, which are widely available in the market today. The reason for this? It is mainly to make the units distinct and unique from any other types of warning signals. Furthermore, there are also some types of warning signals that are also beneficial for structures, constructions, and more. One of which, is the pulsed LED warning signal, which is useful for many.

What are Pulsed LED Warning Signals?5b848a4f1a0928562d1632b584e9b2f3

Pulsed warning signals are a type of beacon or guiding light, which illuminates a colour that indicates the varying position of a particular process, situation, machine, and much more. The most popular colours are red, green, amber, blue or white. These are beneficial in providing safety and give warning indications to people.

Pulsed LED warning signals when properly installed may increase the handling capacity of possible mishaps. Furthermore, when its condition of use is installed under justified circumstances, the signal is very valuable in taming the efficiency and the safety of people. Not only that, warning signals may also be beneficial in reducing various types of accidents.

What is the use of Pulsed LED Warning Signals?

The pulsed LED warning signal is available in various forms as well as several different sizes. However, regardless of how it is presented, these indicators are integrated into various places to be able to increase the safety and efficiency, by means of notifying us of the status of a specific situation. Or, by way of telling people what they should or should not do.

Additionally, these pulsed LED warning signals are perfect for so many applications. These applications include Fire Alarm Notice, Stop Signaling, Shutter Door Status, Factory Control, Traffic Management, and many more.

What is the Importance of Pulsed LED Warning Signals?

As stated earlier, pulsed LED warning signals are very significant because they are capable of showing whether a device is functioning and working properly, or if there is something wrong about a particular situation. However, aside from that, pulsed LED warning signals are important because they offer a wide range of advantages.

Furthermore, pulsed LED warning signals are required to meet some specific requirements that are related to the design, a specific height that they’ll be mounted at, reflectivity, as well as size. All of which is done to ensure that the message or warning signal is being passed to people. Not only that, they will also be receiving the message that is uniform and consistent. This is notwithstanding the location of it.

These warning signals are exclusively important and are required to be useful in construction sites, and roads, as well as airports, industries, businesses, schools, hospitals, terminals, factories, and more.fe3edd86ffca005bcf0575f6ff4397e6

deegee now offer a range of Multi-Function LED Warning Signals that offer several different functions all in one unit! For more information see the range:

Product of the Month – High Powered LED Beacon

Product of the Month – High Powered LED Beacon


Get ready for JANUARY’s Product of the Month – PSB/HP-LED Multi-Function Beacon





Multi-function beacon with high powered LEDs. This model is IP66 rated, and has the additional functionality of 8 different operating modes, including static and pulsed.

Multiple units from both the Series B and Series C ranges can be joined together, including the matching IAS-C Sounder, to provide an integrated signalling system.

Available in 10-55Vdc and 115-230Vuc, in a choice of RED, GREEN, AMBER, BLUE, or CLEAR. All IN STOCK for FREE NEXT DAY Delivery!



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Product of the Month – Multi Function LED Beacon

Product of the Month – Multi Function LED Beacon


Get ready for JULY’s Product of the Month…PSE/LED Multi-Function Beacon




Multi-Function Rotating / Pulsed / Static LED Beacon with 8 different operating modes.

Low current consumption unit, and operating mode is easily selectable at installation.

Available in 12Vdc, 24Vdc, and 115-230Vuc, in Red, Amber, Green, Blue or Clear.

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Multifunction Settings on our LED Beacons

Multifunction Settings on our LED Beacons


With LED lighting becoming increasingly popular as a long lasting solution, it is important to us that our LED beacons have evolved to suit a wide variety of applications for which LED lighting is now being specified. This is why we now offer multifunction settings on our standard LED beacons to ensure that they are as versatile as possible. 

The latest addition to this is on our PSE/LED circuits which are used in the below beacons and is controlled by two jumpers on the PCB:


The settings on these products are now

  • Standard Flash
  • Triple Flash
  • Quintuple (5) Flash
  • Static (None Flashing)


Taking it one step further are our PSD/LED circuits, controlled with a 3-pole switch on the PCB. These are found in the following:

  • PSA/LED (Stacking Beacon Modules)


And have the following multifunction settings:

  • Static – non-flashing
  • Standard Flash
  • Slow Flash
  • Fast Flash
  • Triple Flash – Three flash pulses repeating twice per second
  • Quintuple (5) Flash – Five flash pulses repeating once per second
  • Strobe – 1 flash pulse per second
  • Revolving (Simulated Rotating)


These new 8 function units are also available in a universal current 115-230v version to cover even more combinations of flash type and voltage.