What is an IP Rating?

What is an IP Rating?

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a method of measuring how effective an electrical enclosure is of resisting liquid or particle ingress to ensure the internal parts remain fully functional.

The first edition was set by the IEC Technical Committee (EN 60529) in 1976 with the aim of creating a universal standard for enclosure protection throughout the electrical industry. Previously, there had been separate standards which only covered a limited number of low voltage items.

IP ratings are made up of two numbers, the first being its protection against solid objects and the second, its protection against liquids. The higher the IP rating, the more protection the enclosure has.

We provide a minimum of IP54 rating on our products, right up to IP69K so you can be assured that we have an option within our range suitable for your requirements.



High Powered LED Beacon tested to IP69K Ingress Protection

84mm High x 94mm Diameter

The newest addition to the deegee range is the PSC-HP-LED Beacon, which is a High Brightness LED product, with an Ingress Protection of IP69K.

– The PSC/HP-LED employs high-performance LEDs yielding both exceptional brightness levels and a wider, more evenly distributed angle of view and a new single-part lens tested to IP69K Ingress Protection.

– Extensively configurable, comprising a robust White (standard) or Red (option) ABS Base, and a Polycarbonate lens. Multiple units can be joined together, including the matching IAS-C Sounder, to provide an integrated signalling system. (Note that system IP rating will be limited that of the lowest component IP rating)

– Circuitry is fixed to the lens assembly, with convenient access to the 2.5mm² terminal block for wiring, allowing easy fitting of bases and wiring during installation, and safe storage of the electronics and lenses for phase 2 fitting.

– Available with Red, Amber, Green, Blue or White LEDs.

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IP Ratings Explained

IP Ratings Explained

The IP Rating System (or Ingress Protection rating) is a scale of how waterproof and airtight an item is, as specified by the International Standard IEC/EN 60529.

IP ratings are made up of two numbers; the first being its protection from solid objects, and the second being its protection from water.

The majority of our range of products are IP65 rated, making them suitable for outdoor use.

In addition, we have some products which are rated IP66, offering even more protection against the elements:

Series B Beacons

IP66 beacon 135mm High x 94 Dia.



– Xenon Strobe

– Revolving / Pulsed/ Static LED

– Pulsed High Power LED Version

– Triple – Colour Red / Amber / Green

– ICAO Version


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ISB-C Combined Beacon & Sounder

112 dB Multi-tone Sounder with Integrated LED Beacon 85mm High x 94mm Dia.

– 64 Tone combinations

– Maximum output 112dB(A)

– High intensity LED array integrated into horn

– Clear Horn with Red, Amber, Green, Blue or White LEDs

– Internal volume control

– 10-40Vdc, 115-230Vac/dc and VRD (45-65Vac/55-95Vdc) models

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IAS-C Electronic Sounder

114dB Multi-tone Electronic Sounder 85mm High x 94mm Dia.

– 64 Tone combinations

– Maximum output 114dB(A)

– Internal volume control

– 10-30Vdc, 24Vac, 115-230Vac/dc and 45-65Vac/55-95Vdc models

– 2-wire connection with third-wire for alternate tone selection

– Compatible with full Series B and Series C ranges to provide a fully customised and integrated signalling solution

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On top of these, we have our Series G Range, which have an IP Rating of IP68, making them extremely durable and suitable for marine use:

Series G Beacon

IP68 Beacon 220mm High x 256 Dia.

– Rotating Mirror – LED

– Xenon Strobe

– Revolving LED

– Pulsed / Static LED

– ICAO 10cd+

– ICAO 32cd+


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The ISB-T Combined Sounder Beacon is now IP66 rated!

The ISB-T Combined Sounder Beacon is now IP66 rated!


We are pleased to announce that our ISB-T Combined Sounder Beacon is now IP66 rated. Following a request from one of our overseas distributors dealing with a large upcoming project, we had the ISB-T retested to IP66 which now makes it suitable for even more applications!

According to the IP Rating System, as specified by international standard IEC/EN 60529, an IP66 rated item is completely dust tight and protected from strong jets of water. The ISB-T has a choice of 64 electronic tones and has a ring of high intensity flashing LEDs, available in Red, Amber, Green, Blue or Clear. It reaches highs of 114db with an internal volume control to reduce the volume when used in close vicinity to staff or members of the public.

You can find more information on the IP rating system by clicking on the following link:  (http://beaconlamps.com/files/1813/9203/1260/techNOTE_-_Ingress_Protection.pdf)