Another first for deegee

D. G. Controls Ltd are delighted to report that Lisa Baum, Sales Team Supervisor,  is now a member of the Institute of Leadership Management, having successfully passed the ILM Certificate in First Line Management Level 3.

After evaluating a number of supervisory courses, deegee chose the ILM course as it was important to develop and challenge Lisa to go further in her career, rather than just recognise where she already is, as qualifications such as the NVQ can tend to do.  It is essential particularly in a small company that individuals are as widely-skilled as they can be, and this was especially important for Lisa as she took a more senior supervisory position.

The training was delivered by a tutor, but in a group setting.  This allowed Lisa to get one-to-one input from the tutor, whilst sharing knowledge and experience with the other candidates.  Key topic areas included Management of Change, Time-Management, and Motivation, Coaching & Development of team members.

And the benefits are already being felt by Lisa and by the business.  As Lisa said, “I have become a lot more confident and assertive in my role, allowing me to delegate and manage the team more effectively, ensuring that the Sales Team as a whole runs more efficiently.”