deegee sponsors First Aid Course


Deegee was the proud sponsor of a Basic First Aid Training course recently, run by the Diocese of Derby.

Hosted by St. George & St. Mary’s Church, Church Gresley, deegee sent 2 employees for refresher and 3 for beginner First Aid training.  The remaining 12 places were offered to the leaders of the Children’s and Young People’s groups associated with the church.

The course was delivered in a hands-on way, employing a special combination of humour and gravity for what could have been a quite onerous experience.  After bandaging each other up in appropriate fashion and demonstrating our resuscitation skills on “Resusci-Annie”, the trainer advised that everyone had successfully passed.

The Basic First Aid Training course is recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), and as well as being a great enhancement to the deegee skill-set, may also equip those trained to help save a life one day, in work or out.