deegee Products in 3D

deegee Products in 3D


CADlinksdeegee just made things even easier…..

Over the past few months, our in-house development team have been concentrating on making product selection and project planning much simpler for our consumers, by providing a life-like 3D visual of our finished products.

Focusing specifically on making our 3D CAD files for all of our devices available and easily accessible, you can be confident and assured in finding the exact product to meet your specification.

We have been using these models on our Product Instruction Sheets for some time already, and have now added downloadable 3D CAD files to all of our individual Standard Beacon, Sounder, Combi-AV Sounder Beacons, Sirens, ICAO Obstruction WarningTraffic Lights, LED Status Signals and Stacking Beacon website pages.  These are available to be downloaded in IGES and STEP format for importing directly into your own 3d modelling environment.

With over 120 product pages already updated, we trust that this new facility will prove to be an extremely useful tool for our UK customer base, along with our established overseas distributors.

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Onsite Product Testing


At our site in Derbyshire we not only have our own in-house development but also testing facilities, including EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) and Optical Laboratory testing equipment. This allows us to continually test and improve our products faster and more efficiently, covering areas like radiated and conducted emissions. Instead of waiting days or weeks for an independent testing house to return the results, we can get them in a matter of minutes! It means that our new products can be launched sooner and we can move on to our next project quicker, freeing up vital time for further in-house development.

Certificates of Conformity can be supplied on request, along with the peace of mind of knowing that all our products have been tested on site and have passed EMC testing and carry the CE mark.

To keep up to date with all of our latest product additions and improvements, keep an eye on our blog!