Have you spotted a Yellow or Amber beacon on your travels recently…?

Have you spotted a Yellow or Amber beacon on your travels recently…?

The colour Yellow or Amber naturally triggers a person’s thoughts to slow down and to be cautious. For this reason, yellow/amber coloured beacons are used on slow moving vehicles, on construction sites, airports and in other establishments to increase awareness to crowds. This colour encourages caution in places where unexpected hazards exist. When extra due care and caution is required, amber lights will be used in conjunction with red lights.

Looking at yellow and amber coloured beacons on the roads, as this is the most common area you will see them in your day to day life, these are used on:

-Road works
Used to alert that there may be disruption, slow moving traffic and hazards ahead in the road.

-Large/slow moving vehicles
You will see these beacons on bin lorries, recovery trucks and large load trucks.

-Zebra crossings

Where a pedestrian may cross the road at any given time, so caution is required at all times when approaching.

-Bridges & train crossing lines
Often used here in conjunction with red lights to give the extra caution needed.

On roads, yellow and amber lights should only be used to warn drivers and pedestrians alike of unexpected or unusual conditions, they must be used appropriately to be used to their full effect.

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