Case Study – LaserZone

Case Study – LaserZone

LaserZone operate two leisure facilities – one is Castleford, Yorkshire and one in Brighton, Sussex. LaserZone is a space themed, hi-tech game of tag using electronic vests and phasors. The experience begins with a mission briefing, then the players get kitted up with their laser gear and play the game in a 3000sqft darkened labyrinth filled with swirling smoke, flashing lights and strange sounds.

LaserZone use our RFE Rotating Mirror Beacons at the start of every mission. Every twenty minutes, a siren sounds, a computerised voice announcement goes out and the beacons rotate, flashing brightly for around a minute to draw attention to the “airlock” where the players go to start their experience. The RFE Beacon is a 149mm by 194mm unit with an 80mm reflector that rotates around a lit filament lamp to create a high intensity flash, and also available in an LED version for lower power consumption and longer life. This is a great model for attracting attention and causing the drama perfect for LaserZone, as well as many other applications where something highly visible is required.












Garry Long, Operations Director at LaserZone, kindly said the following:

“The beacons work brilliantly with the theme of our reception area which is the inside of a grungy abandoned spacecraft. We’ve been really happy with the service and have used deegee several times now across various companies we run. The beacons have been totally reliable and easy to install. I’ll definitely be back for more when we open our third venue later this year!”

It is brilliant to see our products being used for such a variety of applications, from leisure uses like this to warning of danger and emergency.






Traffic Lights but not as we know them!

MIH/2U and 3U Traffic Light beacons from deegee are proving a popular choice for some quite diverse applications, thanks to their robust build and excellent light output

In addition to the typical loading bay and site-traffic signalling applications, the MIH/2U and 3U, which can be supplied as either LED or filament lamp versions, are being chosen as the solution for a wider number of warning problems. Linked with the ‘Rising Bollard’ Security, which is becoming ever more popular at secure car-parking sites and Company premises, the MIH/2U is a safe and effective warning system to indicate to vehicles when it is safe to pass.

Being in traditional traffic light format, the MIH is easy to mount, and sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions, being rated from -20oC to +55oC, and conforming to IEC Protection Class IP65.

However, MIH/3U is also being used as a level indicator to provide warnings for silo and tank-filling, linked to fill-monitoring systems.

The IP65 rating ensures the product is rugged against both water and dust, making it a good all-rounder for external and internal fitting.

Ultra-low power LED beacon ‘sees’ everything

DG Controls launches the latest addition to its deegee beacon range, the new ULP-LED beacon

ULP-LED has a full 360degree all-round and 180degree all-over viewing angle, but uses less than 1/6th of the power of the equivalent filament lamp version. Available as either a static (SB/ULP-LED) or a pulsed (PS/ULP-LED) beacon, both types are available for AC (dual voltage 115/230V) , and 12V or 24V DC voltage.

The low power consumption makes it the ideal choice where power is at a premium, or where heat output is a problem, for instance in a confined space.

Using the latest Superflux LEDs, which have a 90degree viewing angle, the ULP-LED beacon is the perfect combination of excellent light coverage and low-profile format.

ULP-LED would typically be mounted in the low profile R (SBR or PSR/ULP-LED) or S (SBS or PSS/ULP-LED) heavy-duty cast aluminium housings.

However, for a recent rail maintenance project, Inelmatic NV requested the robust W housing.

This has the same low profile lens as the R series of beacons, but mounts onto the black polycarbonate base, which has formed cable entries on each side.

The siting of the beacons meant that clearance was restricted, but at only 150mm overall height, and given the light output through the sides of the lens, the SBW/ULP-LED proved to be the ideal beacon for the contract.

An added feature of the ULP-LED is that it can be combined with a sounder module to offer a chime, mono or pulsed audible signal.

This adds only 8mm to the total height of the unit.

All of the deegee housings mentioned are rated to IEC Protection Class IP65.

Telephone activated beacons from Deegee.

Beacons which light in response to telephone ringing are being increasingly used at construction sites around the globe


Whilst the Deegee range includes both LED and xenon units, it is the xenon TXV/AC/230/TRA which has been selected for many of the major construction projects in Singapore, thanks to Deegee’s local distributor Sin Hai San Enterprise. Detecting the incoming AC ring signal, the TXV xenon beacon repeatedly triggers in time with the ring.

The V Housing for this product is a heavy duty polycarbonate, with a polycarbonate coloured lens.

The Deegee telephone activated beacons are available in other housings within the Deegee portfolio, including an explosion-proof LED variety.

This ultra-low current TP/DEX/LED beacon is driven entirely from the incoming ring signal, eliminating the need for an external power source.

Rated to IEC Protection Class IP66 and ATEX certified, the TP/DEX/LED is well-suited to extreme rugged Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

LED lamps preferred during maintenance visits

Sales of deegee brand LED Plug-In Modules have been given a boost thanks to a new contract awarded to Inelmatec N.V./ S.A., the sole distributor for the deegee brand in Belgium.

ledx and stacking beacon.jpg (52509 bytes)

Moulded with a B15d lamp cap fitting, the LED Plug-In Modules are being used across industrial sites to upgrade tower beacons. Replacing filament lamps, the Led Plug-Ins are being selected by engineers due to the long life-time.

Only 25mm in diameter, the LED Plug-In bayonet cap can be fitted to new and existing models of Stacker Beacons, Towers and Single Beacons.

High brightness Clear, Red, Amber, or Green coloured LEDs are fitted, and all versions are protected by a clear polycarbonate lens. 230V AC, 115V AC, and 24V UC (AC or DC) are available in all listed colours, and a 12V UC variant to special order.

With an estimated running life in excess of possibly 100,000 hours, maintenance can be severely cut. Cost-savings are also achieved due to the lower current draw compared with a filament lamp*.

Further detail on this and the entire deegee range can be found at Details of the Inelmatec N.V/ S.A. range can be viewed at

* 24V unit draws 83% less current when fitted with the LED Plug-In versus a standard 5W filament lamp.