Modular Stacking Beacons

Modular Stacking Beacons

Modular Stacking Beacons are also known as Beacon Stacks, Andon Lights, Indicator Lights, Signal Tower Lights and Light Towers.
They are a very easy to use product due to their click together mechanism, making them ideal for many applications, particularly for multi-signalling applications.

The design of modular stacking beacons means each tower can be comprised of different lamp types, different colours, different mode types and sounders all mixed freely in one stack, giving it the versatility to be used in so many applications and giving the end-user ease of use.
This design also helps with future maintenance as modules can be added or removed safely and with ease.

Stacking beacons are essential for manufacturing environments as well as places where process and machine operation take place due to their instant and easy understanding. Their ideal use in on various types of equipment to show the operating status of machinery in process control environments, increasing productivity and minimising wastage time, but they are so versatile that you have probably seen them in supermarkets too on the self-checkout tills!
Modern technology allows these types of beacons to be used to their full potential as they can be controlled using PC control systems and controllers incorporating sensors, timers and relays.

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*NEW* STC Auto-Signal – ideal for Factory Automation!

The newest addition to our range is the STC/AUTO-SIGNAL – an IP65 rated, micro signalling tower with a diameter of just 32mm.

Ideal for multi-status signalling, the integrated high brightness RGB LEDs ensure maximum visibility with full tower display no matter how many signals are active at one time.

The STC/AUTO-SIGNAL offers individually Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Clear segments. But instead of leaving empty space for inactive signals, the light output is automatically scaled to fill the tower with the active colours giving the best possible visibility at any time.

Full polycarbonate construction with a clear lens, this micro tower brings versatile signalling capability, with minimum overall size, to the factory automation, visual indication and machinery building sector.

– Mounting by single M10 hole, with anti-rotation offset spigot (optional use).

– M20 adapter is available which allows easy mounting into conventional conduit entries.

– Powered from 24Vdc with colour control by individual inputs.

– Selectable active-high or active-low control operation.

– Static light output which can be flashed by means of a pulsed control signal.

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Is Factory Automation Necessary?

Automation is a process used for mass production of a product and in recent years, as technology has advanced, has been used more and more in factories. The use of machinery in this process results in a higher output of goods.

Automation in factories has become more than an obligation due to the high productivity it creates, most companies now see this as a must. Although the initial start up would be costly, it benefits in the long run as it reduces leadtime and costs by manufacturers having their own machinery onsite. It also helps to reduce human error and combined with modern technology, makes it easy to make the slightest change to a product with little interference to the workers also on site. Contrary to some people’s belief that machines are taking human jobs, this is not the case, in fact there are times when more jobs are created because of the companies increase in productivity and competitiveness.

Below shows a few pros and cons of factory automation:

Higher volume of productionLarge initial investment
Increased repeatability and accuracyUnpredictable costs for maintenance
Reduction in production timeMore pollution is generated

Technology is rapidly changing our world, whether it be in the business field, education, medicine, or in the field of industry and manufacturing. Having well-functioning and high technology equipment is very important in finishing every task and assisting in the production of goods and services. It is undeniable that this process is important in improving speed, accuracy and in the long run, the image of the company and the company’s reputation.

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Modular Stacking Beacons & Their Applications

Modular Stacking Beacons & Their Applications

The safety of the work place is the primary concern of any industry around the globe. The technology of warning beacons has been playing a vital role in the construction industry and alike businesses to secure their overall operation. A popular way of doing so is to offer a range of modular stacking beacons with a sounder module.

Stacking Beacons as Multi-Signalling Application

Stacking beacons are a signalling device commonly used on various types of machinery. These are also known as click-together beacon lamps, tower lights, and Andon lights. They are suitable for internal or external application, whichever is appropriate for the site.

Our stacking beacon is an all-inclusive range device, from the base up to the visual indicator and sounder. The light modules available are Xenon Strobe or Multi-Function LED, while the sounder is placed on the top-most area of a tower unit.

All of its external parts are made durable with engineering-grade and weatherproof polycarbonate. The beacon includes necessary tools for applications such as pole mounts, wall-mounting brackets, and many more.

How To Install/Uninstall Stacking Beacons?

To enjoy the many uses of stacking beacons, we must know how to get started.

Stacking beacons work as either single indicator or towers of up to six modules, whichever will meet your needs. It can also be used as a sounder module, if required. 

Assembling the stacking beacons is very simple with its click-locking mechanism. The vertical locking system is applied to the electrical connections for easier installation. Stacking beacons are very often fitted onto many factory facilities.

Disassembling the unit also comes easy with its modular construction and versatility. It is quick to remove from the tower unit with a wide variety of configurations along with the device. The removal of the unit minimizes any trouble among the machine’s status within the site.

The Uses of Modular Stacking Beacons

The investment and installation of stacking beacons comes with many advantages. Such a signalling device can reduce the workload and make the work of some personnel within the facility a lot easier. Production increases when stacking beacons are mounted on different types of machinery. More than that, here are the significant uses of Andon lights in every factory:


Stacking beacons are not only visual alarms but also sounders. They can be composed of visual indicators and audible modules as said earlier. Factories are better off with such devices installed around the workplace, as it delivers an accurate message for the workers whenever something or a machine is currently in trouble.

Lessens Unproductivity

Not worrying too much about the workplace’s safety due to some measures helps to increase production. Workers can perform in peace thus offers positive effects on productivity. They become more efficient at work even with lesser working hours. Also, with a machine fault being identified immediately, there is much less down-time, ensuring a smooth, efficient work flow.

Sends Warning Messages

The workplace will be warned when a fault occurs. Stacking beacons will send a message of the fault condition, which is simply identified by the colour of the stacking module that is lit. Colour coding fault messages can save so much time in a factory environment, enabling a faster, more efficient repair time.

Enhances Workplace’s Security

The safety of every worker is highly significant in a company. Relevant measures should be provided to enhance safety around the workplace. This attention-grabbing warning tool helps to cover the workers against any fault conditions.

Final Say

The Stacking Beacon range is a multi-signaling device which features have proven to be hugely beneficial in many industrial environments. Stacking beacons give accurate warnings while providing easiness among maintenance engineers and the rest of the workers. The click & lock mechanism makes this range extremely versatile, with the modules easily inter-changeable as required.  

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What are Tower Beacons?

What are Tower Beacons?

Signalling devices are known to be essential in most construction sites and related industries today. They aid manufacturing processes hugely way, which impacts the entire business’s income.

What’s more, beacon devices help to secure each operations and even the labour force from possible danger. These warning devices are furnished with lights to deliver a clear message for everyone’s safety.

Among those mentioned devices is the tower beacons range, commonly known as stack lights. These are an extremely versatile product which are installed in a wide variety of applications.

Tower Beacons Explained

If you are familiar with beacon indicator lights, tower beacons have no huge difference with them. Tower beacons are simply a warning signal visible to anyone in the workplace. The device is commonly placed on types of machinery prone to any fault conditions, and it releases a visual alarm for everyone.

Components Of Tower Beacons

Assurance of a smooth-running production line is how tower beacons can enhance your business. Tower beacons are often referred to as traffic lights, because of its three or five colour setup, each with a particular meaning. It can be used with an audible alarm to form a single indicator device.

Here are the components available that make up tower beacons:

Light Modules

A tower beacon is a light signal made up of UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses, available in colours red, amber, blue, white, and green. Other types of light modules such as LED and xenon strobes can be part of the tower signal.

Each colour indicates particular signals, as mentioned earlier. Red stands for emergency or a sign to stop/pause. The amber colour monitors the temperature and pressure conditions in an area. Once the blue colour lights up, there is a request for external help may be among the workers. When problems in the operation occur, such as machine malfunction, then the white light appears. The green colour will light up when everything’s in a normal condition.

For small businesses, tower beacons with colours red, amber, and green are often ample. These colours quite often meet the needs in the workplace and are easier to assemble.

Audible Alarm Modules

An optional sounder module can also be added to the tower beacon, if necessary for your business. It is attached to the top area of the unit to complete the tower, and is extremely useful in areas with a high noise ambience.

Monitoring faults in the workplace may be challenging with only visual warnings, thus adding a sounder module is highly advised.

Base Units

The base unit is necessary for each individual stack of lights, and ensures the foundation of the entire tower unit in all conditions. This part comes with wiring accessories, gasket, and top cover for complete setup.

How to install tower beacons?  

No one wants to be warned when it is too late, therefore it is advised that tower beacons should be installed in exposed areas for the team leader to monitor.

Some models are stacked together, allowing versatility for those for manufacturing needs. Other tower beacons come ready-built with ready-to-connect cables for easy installation.

An example is the IP65-rated Micro-Tower Beacon ideal for all kinds of factories. It is a multi-status signaling device and does not demand superb maintenance. This Micro-Tower Beacon also does not consume much power for everyday operation. It is made of static LED in five different colours, and the exterior parts are made smooth for easy cleaning.

Final Words

That is all for tower beacons! Tower Beacons deliver a visual signal visible to everyone in the workplace. Turning them into a multi-signaling device is possible by adding a sounder module over the unit. Such a simple solution can bring numerous benefits!

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