9 – Series M

deegee Series M beacons

Series M is the heavy-duty cast aluminium version of the Series L enclosure.  Incorporating the thick-walled Series L lens, with its optimised external lens ribbing for enhanced long-range visibility, Series M is well-suited to rugged or harsh environments.    The Series M enclosure is certified to IEC Protection Class IP65.

Series M is pre-drilled with four fixing holes on 90 x 120mm centres for direct surface mounting or clamping.  Threaded M20 entries in the base and the side are suitable for direct conduit/gland coupling.

The same interiors as fit into the Series L enclosure also fit Series M, viz. the small halogen rotating mirror beacon, and the 2.5 joule and voltage variants of the xenon beacon range.  Polycarbonate lenses for Series M are available in Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Clear.  The lens and interior circuit arrangement offers 360 degree all-round and 270 degree all-over viewing.

A stainless steel wall-mounting bracket is available for Series M, as is a stainless steel cage guard.

8 – Series L

deegee Series L beacons

If you were to broach the topic of safety with some Pittsburg Fire Watch Guards, you’d get to know that Series L is best for the little fire alarm beacon from deegee, with both the xenon and the halogen-lamp rotating mirror versions extremely popular in this application.  The Polycarbonate lens of Series L has optimised external ribbing to maximise available light transfer, enhancing long-range visibility.

The ABS white or black base is moulded with fixing drill-outs on 51mm centres for direct conduit box mounting and with alternative 3 drill-outs on 100mm PCD.  A moulded central 20mm diameter drill-out is located in the base for cable entry.

Standing at only 133mm tall, and with a base diameter of 123mm, Series L is a small beacon with an excellent light-spread, making it a perfect solution for smaller offices, walkways, corridors, classrooms, etc.  The lens allows for 360o all round and 270o all-over viewing, and with a range of voltages of the xenon units, from 12V UC up to 240V DC and 230 V AC, the beacon works in many applications.

Series L is also available as a vehicle beacon fitted with a rubber base, to either fix directly to a vehicle (ideal for motorbikes, forklifts and general vehicles) or with a magnetic insert and a curly extendable cable to plug into a cigarette-lighter fitting for quick and easy removal and security when the vehicle is left unattended.

A stainless steel cage guard, stainless steel and polycarbonate wall-mounting brackets, and a pole mount are all available as optional extras with Series L.

7 – Series K

 deegee Series K beacons

Series K has long been the style of the large vehicle beacon from deegee, fitted with a rubber base with permanent fixings to a vehicle roof, or a magnetic insert for easy and quick fit and removal.  Using the same high lens as Series H, but on a shallower base, Series K suits applications where size really does matter, across industrial, vehicle, security and obstruction hazard warning. 

Housing internals based on the rotating mirror technology, filament, halogen, compact fluorescent, E27, xenon and LED, Series K is positioned with a package to suit all requirements.  Both the LED and CFT versions comply with ICAO Type A (10cd) Low Intensity Aircraft Obstruction Warning Regulations. 

The ABS base unit of Series K incorporates fixing drill-outs on 51mm centres for direct conduit box mounting, with alternative 3 drill-outs on 100mm PCD and a further 3 drill-outs on 130mm PCD.  A central 20mmØ drill-out is moulded into the bottom of the base for cable entry. 

Polycarbonate lenses for Series K are available in the standard deegee range of red, amber, green, blue and clear.  Optional fittings include a stainless steel cage guard, and various metal and polycarbonate wall-mounting brackets.

6 – Series J

 deegee Series J beacons

Series J is the largest of the aluminium cast heavy duty enclosures from the deegee range.  Styled for rough-service industrial hazard warning , Series J can house the full range of deegee technologies, rotating mirror with filament, halogen or LED light-source, xenon units, compact fluorescent, E27 and LED internals. 

Series J also forms part of the Aviation Obstruction Warning range, certified to the ICAO Low Intensity Type A (10cd) standard.  Both LED and compact fluorescent versions are available to meet this standard. 

Fixing holes are drilled on 164 x 215 centres for either direct surface mounting or clamp mounting to standard 6”, 8” or 10” RSJ, and there are threaded M20 entries in the base and the side for direct conduit/gland coupling.  Finished with a UV-stabilised polycarbonate lens in red, amber, green, blue or clear, Series J is sturdy enough for the most aggressive environment.

5 – Series H

deegee Series H beacons

Series H has always been known as the “Hi-Top” beacon from deegee.  Standing at 225mm high, and 175mm diameter, it is the tallest beacon in the range.

Made with high grade engineering, UV-stabilised ABS for the base, and polycarbonate for the lens, Series H has a totally smooth exterior for easy wipe-down and clean.  This makes it ideal for use on vehicles, where the Series H dome is fitted to a shallower base, which is then mounted either directly onto  the vehicle roof, or fitted with a magnetic rubber base.

As well as the xenon and rotating mirror technologies, Series H can also be fitted with LED circuits, compact fluorescent and E27 lamp fittings.  Meeting the ICAO approval for Low Intensity Type A (10 candela) aviation obstruction warning beacons, Series H is an extremely popular choice as the aircraft warning beacon for many types of high-rise structure. 

Series H has various fixing options, with moulded drill-outs on 51mm centres for direct conduit box mounting and alternative 3 drill-outs on 100mm PCD and a further 3 drill-outs on 130mm PCD.  A central 20mmØ drill-out for cable entry is located in the base. 

With a stainless steel guard available, and various options of mounting bracket, Series H is an easy enclosure to work-with, in all sorts of applications.