Modular Stacking Beacons

A range of modular stacking (click-together) beacon lamps, often called andon lights, with high environmental protection to IP65 standard (sounder ASA is IP54).

These products are ideally suited to internal or external multi-status signalling applications.
This modular approach enables stacks to be constructed from any combination of module types and eases the task of design and maintenance engineers, system integrators and stockist/ distributors. The comprehensive range builds from a common base/terminal module and offers choice of visual indicator modules including LED (Rotating, Pulsed and Static), Xenon Strobe, Filament Lamp (Pulsed and Static), together with electronic sounders.

  • All external parts are moulded from engineering-grade, UV-stabilised polycarbonate for enhanced durability
  • To complement the range, Wall Mounting Brackets, Pole Mounts, Compression Glands and AC to DC Converter Modules (UC-RECT) are also available
  • These devices are totally modular and can be used as single indicators or multi-stacked up to 6 modules high

For each stack required, order one Base+Cap Module, and individual Indicator Modules/Lamps
Maximum stack = One Base+Cap Module + six (maximum) individual / assorted modules, of which one can be a Sounder Module


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