Deegee Christmas Party

Deegee Christmas Party

The deegee team
The deegee team celebrated Christmas on Friday with an afternoon of fun in the office, followed by a meal out at Jee Ja Jee’s Indian restaurant in the evening.

The deegee team

There was bingo with prizes and a very funny game of Pictionary with some … interesting drawings.






Even Ian got into the spirit and wore a Christmas tree headband! We all had a brilliant time despite some sore heads in the morning.

All of us at deegee would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Stacking Beacons

Stacking Beacons


A range of modular stacking (click-together) beacon lamps, often called andon lights, with high environmental protection to IP65 standard (sounder ASA is IP54).

These products are ideally suited to internal or external multi-status signalling applications, and are commonly used on machinery as a visual alarm to draw attention to warning messages and fault conditions, helping minimise avoidable periods of non-productivity.

This modular approach enables stacks to be constructed from any combination of module types and eases the task of design and maintenance engineers, system integrators and stockist/ distributors. The comprehensive range builds from a common base/terminal module and offers choice of visual indicator modules including LED (Rotating, Pulsed and Static), Xenon Strobe, Filament Lamp (Pulsed and Static), together with electronic sounders.

•All external parts are moulded from engineering-grade, UV-stabilised polycarbonate for enhanced durability
•To complement the range, Wall Mounting Brackets, Pole Mounts, Compression Glands and AC to DC Converter Modules (UC-RECT) are also available
•These devices are totally modular and can be used as single indicators or multi-stacked up to 6 modules high

For each stack required, order one Base+Cap Module, and individual Indicator Modules/Lamps
Maximum stack = One Base+Cap Module + six (maximum) individual / assorted modules, of which one can be a Sounder Module



News – December 2014

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Merry Christmas!

Deegee would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas!

December is here, so it’s time to prepare for Christmas Shutdown. We will be closed 25th Dec ’14 – 02 Jan ’15, opening again on Monday 05th Jan ’15. Our last day for shipping orders will be Monday 22nd Dec ’14 for delivery Tuesday 23rd Dec ’14, so get your orders in to guarantee delivery before then!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued custom and support throughout 2014 and wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

See you in 2015!





Dimmable IPN Indicator Panels

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Following a customer request, we have begun offering many of our IPN Indicator Panels with a dimmable option – ideal for applications where the lights are to be installed in staff working areas and can be too bright and distracting.

Units can be either set to one of five pre-set intensity levels (100%, 50%, 25%, 10% or 5%) using internal jumper links, or configured to run at 100% with a single lower intensity level (50%, 25%, 10% or 5%) selectable by an external control signal.

Models that already have this function as standard are: IPN/006 “STOP”, IPN/010 “Cross”, IPN/012 “Arrow”, IPN/017 “Go” and IPN/023 “Full”.









Next to join the list in the coming months is the IPN/002. Please contact our sales team for availability.









LED Status Signals

LED Status Signals

 Latest technology Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) configured into a high-density matrix.

This advanced range of LED Indicator Panels is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications such as Loading-Bay Signalling, Shutter Door Status, On-Site Traffic Management, Dockside Signalling (Dock Lights), Factory Control, “FIRE” Alarm Warning, “STOP” Signalling, etc.

Series IPC:

Standard 24Vdc, 115Vac and 230Vac models are available and all units are modular IP65 UV-stabilised ABS housing with polycarbonate lens (94mm dia. x 85mm high) for protection against the elements. Multiple units may be linked together for composite signal.

 Series IPN:

Standard 24Vdc, 115Vac and 230Vac models are available and all units are enclosed in an IP65 UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing (200x150x80mm) for protection against the elements. To view our full range of this series visit

Standard colour combinations are shown; other colours and colour combinations available from a choice of Red, Amber, Green, Blue or Clear, available to special order.