Another first for deegee

D. G. Controls Ltd are delighted to report that Lisa Baum, Sales Team Supervisor,  is now a member of the Institute of Leadership Management, having successfully passed the ILM Certificate in First Line Management Level 3.

After evaluating a number of supervisory courses, deegee chose the ILM course as it was important to develop and challenge Lisa to go further in her career, rather than just recognise where she already is, as qualifications such as the NVQ can tend to do.  It is essential particularly in a small company that individuals are as widely-skilled as they can be, and this was especially important for Lisa as she took a more senior supervisory position.

The training was delivered by a tutor, but in a group setting.  This allowed Lisa to get one-to-one input from the tutor, whilst sharing knowledge and experience with the other candidates.  Key topic areas included Management of Change, Time-Management, and Motivation, Coaching & Development of team members.

And the benefits are already being felt by Lisa and by the business.  As Lisa said, “I have become a lot more confident and assertive in my role, allowing me to delegate and manage the team more effectively, ensuring that the Sales Team as a whole runs more efficiently.”

Space-Saving 3-in1 Beacon

Continuing to cause a stir in the market are the 3-in-1 beacons from deegee which hold red, amber and green LEDs on the same circuit for multi-status signalling.

The low profile of the D and R series housing make them a perfect alternative to tower lamps in industrial applications.   Designated PSD/DC/24/LED/RAG and SBR/DC/24/UNI-LED/RAG, both products are available in DC 24V.  Whilst the PSD offers 360° viewing through the side of the unit, which is good for pole-mounting or siting on top of a machine, the SBR is forward-facing, ideal for wall-or panel-mounting.

Larger 3-in-1 units utilise the E and U housing.  The E-housed circuit is dual-voltage, covering 12 and 24V DC or 115 and 230V AC.  Designated SBE/DC/*/LED/RAG or SBE/AC/*/LED/RAG, this is a great option for sideways 360° indication, such as when mounted on a pole.

SBU is a forward-facing directional beacon, working more like a traffic light.  Available as a 24V DC and a dual-voltage 115-230V AC unit, SBU/*C/*/UNI-LED/RAG is being used instead of multiple traffic light units in front of garages, industrial gates, loading bays, etc.

All deegee enclosures discussed above are rated to IEC Protection Class IP65, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor locations.

deegee @ Mocon-Hydromech, Belgium

In October 2008 you will find Inelmatec, the Belgian distributor of deegee beacons, showing the deegee range  at MOCON-HYDROMECH, the trade show for Motion Control, Drives & Transmissions. 

MOCON-HYDROMECH will take place on 14th & 15th October 2008 at the Flanders Expo in Gent.  More information regarding the show can be found here.

Inelmatec will be on Stand 8523. 

deegee @ Tekniikka 2008, Finland

At the end of September 2008 you can see the deegee range being demonstrated again by Elektro-Tukku Oy, the Finnish distributors of the deegee brand of beacons. 

They are showing the deegee range at Tekniikka 2008, in Jyväskylä from 30th September to 3rd October 2008.  This is rated as the most important show in Finland for automation and production technology. 

Elektro-Tukku will be located at Stand C-111.

deegee @ SKYDD, Sweden

Toleka, the Swedish distributor of the deegee beacon brand, are exhibiting at SKYDD at ALVSJÖMÄSSAN in Stockholm, from 30th September 2008 until 3rd October 2008.  In addition to the fire and emergency DUPLEX products, almost the full deegee beacon and sounder range will be on show.

SKYDD! Security, Fire & Rescue Exhibition is one of the leading security exhibitions in Europe.  For more information see

Toleka will be located at Stand A32:28.