MIH Traffic Lights and SBU Single Colour units

Following a recent study at D. G. Controls Ltd, the LED version of the MIH Traffic Light and the SBU Single Colour Unit has been upgraded by fitting a plain polished lens plate, in preference to the ribbed lens previously fitted.

Given the application of the unit, and it’s directional characteristics, the new lens was trialled to establish whether this focussed more of the light in the forward direction than the ribbed lens was achieving.  Whilst already a high light output unit, just by changing the lensing the measured output increased by a further 700%.

Firmly established as a top-seller in the deegee portfolio, the SBU/LED, and the MIH/2U/LED and MIH/3U/LED are used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.  Being ingress protected to IP65, and moulded from a robust polycarbonate, they offer an ideal solution where larger multi-status indication is required.