Did you know there are different types of beacons..?

Did you know there are different types of beacons..?

There are different types of beacon lights – a static beacon, a strobe beacon, a rotating beacon and a pulsing beacon. The mode you select for your application will not only aid increased awareness, but it will also help people to know how to react.

Looking a little further into each type of these beacons:

⚡ Static Beacon Lights.

A static beacon light is a light that is constantly lit, also called steady lights by many. It draws awareness to its application and is most commonly seen as a sign that something is safe. For example, static lights are mostly used in the colour green, a colour people recognise as safe. The calming green colour and continuously lit light symbolize to most that it is safe to continue with your task.

⚡ Strobe Beacon Lights.

Flashing strobe beacon lights feature a high signalling effect through bursting white light and are widely used in warehouses and industrial facilities. This device is composed of a glass tube filled with xenon gas that helps to produce a bright flashing sequence and are ideal to use when a wide area needs covering.

⚡ Rotating Beacon Lights.

A rotating beacon light is specially designed to provide an effective warning signal and are most commonly used on moving vehicles because of its high efficiency. This device consists of a motorised mirror which works as a reflector giving a focused light that attracts attention. You will often see these types of beacon lights on emergency vehicles.

⚡ Pulsing Beacon Lights.

Pulsing beacon lights are often used in hazardous areas where due course and attention is required. The flashing light often signals caution is required. An LED pulsing light is an ideal choice for these areas as they can withstand vibrations and shocks and continue working normally. 

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Beacons & their applications

Beacons & their applications

Deegee Warning Beacons and Sounders can be used in a wide variety of different applications, including Loading Bays, Aviation Warning and Emergency Evacuation to name a few – and can be found worldwide!

Shown here are the deegee  XFL Xenon Strobe Beacon, and PSD Surface Mount LED dual Function Beacon in situ on Airport Boarding Stairs, for increased safety!

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Warning Signal Applications – How to choose the right one 🚨

When choosing a warning signal there are many things that need to be considered for selecting the correct warning signal for the intended environment. Firstly, you need to start by looking at the location of the intended warning signal and consider:
–         The IP rating required.
–         The ambient temperature of the area.
–         The available electrical supply in the area.
–         The noise level if selecting a sounder.
–         Any existing lights in place in the area if selecting a beacon – note, it needs to differentiate from the light already in place.
–         Potential explosion area.

Bearing these points in mind, you now need to consider the application fully that the warning signal is to be used on. Below are examples of the top three application/areas warning signals are mostly used:

⚡ Fire Warning Applications.
For example, fitted to ceilings, doors to alert fire exits and assembly points. Fire warning signs may also point to the location of fire-fighting equipment.
These warning signals are usually installed in commercial buildings and other establishments that require added public safety measures, such as hospitals and schools.

⚡ Automotive Applications.
For example, slow moving vehicles, forklift trucks and emergency vehicles.
Automotive applications generally use amber, flashing warning signals, as you may have seen on a wide range of vehicles from tractors to airport baggage vehicles, however there are some instances when this needs to be changed, for example emergency vehicles require a blue or red flashing light.

⚡ Industrial & Marine Applications.
For example, loading bays, warehouses, factory floor and marine ports/docks.
Since industrial and marine environments can be hazardous, it’s important to consider a product that can withstand harsh weather conditions, shock and vibrations.
Within an industrial factory, they also need to be bright and loud enough to be seen/heard over the machinery that may be in place.

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Beacon Lights – A Short Guide

Beacon Lights – A Short Guide

🚨 Beacon Lights – A Short Guide 🚨

Beacon lights play a vital part in providing safety to todays world. They have become a part in our daily lives, providing safety even when we do not realise it.

Different types of beacon lights and different colours are utilised in different applications and situations to provide warning and guidance to the public.

Beacon lights are extremely effective tools in providing safety at road, sea, airfields and many other places. Their powerful light attracts instant attention to an end-user and even if the end-user does not understand the colour code, they will immediately react and proceed with caution from the bright light warning.

Here we will take a short look at some industry requirements and colour requirement of beacons:

⚡ Industry Requirement:

–         Emergency vehicles tend to use rotating beacons. Rotating beacons are extremely effective as they have an extremely high light output and are suitable for vibration atmospheres.

–         On roads, traffic management systems use a few different types of lights. You will most likely see a red/amber/green traffic light and red cross warning/green walking man. They provide a simple and effective instruction for the road user and pedestrian alike.

–         Marine industries require a very high IP rated beacon light and are commonly the colour red as it is mostly used at night, and this provides an unmistakable warning.

–         Aviation industries tend to use a solid red beacon which provide a very specific angle and brightness of light. They are used to guide pilots onto a runway and on tall buildings as a further guidance to pilots.

–         Rail industries tend to use red wig-wag lights which flash alternately to help those outside the train to take notice of the approaching vehicle.

⚡ Colour Requirement:

–         Red beacons usually indicate danger, hazard and emergency situations. The colour red is considered as a powerful signal that can trigger an automatic message to any viewer.

–         Amber/Yellow beacons are used to warn people to be cautious and to be aware that a hazard may be upcoming. This colour triggers people to slow down instinctively.

–         Green beacons indicate safety, it delivers a message that a particular situation is currently being handled and the area is safe. This colour offers people assurance that everything is under control.

–         Blue beacons are most commonly used on emergency vehicles, they provide a clear difference to when red beacons are used, ensuring the viewer can differentiate between the emergency situation at hand.

–         Clear beacons are often used alongside other coloured beacons and are often used in offices and schools as an alternative indication left open to the end-users specific requirements.

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Modular Stacking Beacons

Modular Stacking Beacons

Modular Stacking Beacons are also known as Beacon Stacks, Andon Lights, Indicator Lights, Signal Tower Lights and Light Towers.
They are a very easy to use product due to their click together mechanism, making them ideal for many applications, particularly for multi-signalling applications.

The design of modular stacking beacons means each tower can be comprised of different lamp types, different colours, different mode types and sounders all mixed freely in one stack, giving it the versatility to be used in so many applications and giving the end-user ease of use.
This design also helps with future maintenance as modules can be added or removed safely and with ease.

Stacking beacons are essential for manufacturing environments as well as places where process and machine operation take place due to their instant and easy understanding. Their ideal use in on various types of equipment to show the operating status of machinery in process control environments, increasing productivity and minimising wastage time, but they are so versatile that you have probably seen them in supermarkets too on the self-checkout tills!
Modern technology allows these types of beacons to be used to their full potential as they can be controlled using PC control systems and controllers incorporating sensors, timers and relays.

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Did you know that an LED Rotating Mirror Beacon emits a more intensified beam of light than standard LED models?

Did you know that an LED Rotating Mirror Beacon emits a more intensified beam of light than standard LED models?

Our range of traditional Rotating Mirror Beacons have a SOLID STATE LED LIGHT SOURCE.
💡 No more unreliable filament bulbs to replace – less maintenance and an extremely high light output!

Our Rotating Mirror LED Beacons (RM-LED) have an LED array, which is reflected off a rotating mirror. This produces an intensified beam of light, that is emitted over a 360 degree range.
For this reason, the light output is much more eye catching than standard LED models where the effect of a revolving LED is used.

RM-LED Series Luminous Intensity (Cd):

Colour – Luminous Intensity (Cd)
RED – 75
AMBER – 45
GREEN – 180
BLUE – 70
CLEAR – 200

Available in a choice of different housings, in Red, Amber, Green, Blue or Clear as required.

Extremely low power, typically less than 7W, makes these beacons suitable for fire and security systems, and for systems which feature battery back-up in case of failure of the primary power source. The ultra-low current draw means more units can be powered from a single source.

Ideally suited to areas of high vibration, with protective guards and mounting brackets also available.

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