ICAO Annex 14 Low Intensity Lighting

July 15, 2014


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Although the ICAO Regulations deal predominantly with ‘fixed’ obstacles, there is currently an influx of high rise construction work that is calling for the marking of temporary or semi-permanent cranes.

When this high rise construction work is within inner-cities, close to airports or helicopter landing sites, it is imperative to consider marking your obstruction with the appropriate warning lights.  This applies to any structure that exceeds 200 feet above ground level, whether it is a solid structure such as a chimney or building, or a non-permanent structure such as a tower or crane.

Deegee offer several options that are efficient and safe, low maintenance and meet ICAO Annex 14 requirements for Low Intensity Obstruction Warning, in both Low-intensity Type A with a minimum intensity of 10Cd, and Low-intensity Type B with a minimum intensity of 32Cd.



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