The Importance of Factory Automation

December 19, 2017


In the context of the industry of manufacturing, the commercial sustainability of a certain company merely depends on the production of its finished goods. Furthermore, also included here are the systems that are used in producing them. Regardless of the technology that is involved in the process, the rudimentary principles of manufacturing have not really changed over the centuries. Why? This is because still, the materials have to be processed, machined, and moved.

However, since we are in the age of automation now, the process that we do has already become much easier. Luckily, the rapid advancement of technology helps us to do so. Automation in many fields, such as in works, factories, schools, and other fields has resulted in many positive outcomes. It appears that factory automation is necessary for any companies or infrastructures. To know more about how important factory automation is, continue reading…. Automation_595


The process of automation is a widely accepted production form that made excellent bounds and leaps in the process of production as a whole. The automation has resulted in the creation of the sophisticated parts, which have the same output qualities with just a bit of variation in the general broadmindedness.

The use of automation in the manufacturing field actually started through the use of technologies such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems, resulting in a higher output of efficiency and quality.

Since then, we have created a more complex and more highly assimilated system that is composed of various technologies and pioneering procedures which are controlled by a high programming language environments, that have sophisticated operation drivers. Speaking of these drivers, these are often used in running programming languages that can support 6, 7, and 8 sophisticated robotics control. 

How to Automate a Factory Using Factory Automation?

In this day and age, factory automation has already become a big deal. This is since most companies that are using automation already uses it. Today, the automation for a factory usually involves the use of numerous technologies. There are some that may have varying reasons for which they want automation. This may range from the production of some parts to go up to the assembly automation of the equipment.

Before knowing how to automate a certain factory, make sure that the automation will actually increase the efficiency of the intended process. It is a must to use a factory automation system – this is to finish the work faster and better. It must mainly lead to the betterment of the factory itself in terms of revenue.

Factory automation must be able to give a reasonable return on investment on that thing that you are doing in the investment.

Factory automation is not necessary always easy, especially in acquainting and adjusting yourself to the new technology. However, if the automation of your company became profitable, then its best that you and all your workers get used to it.

And it really is important. As is the equipment that you need in it. You don’t like putting your hard earned money into waste, right? So you must just avail a product and service that is of high quality. If you plan on automating your company, check out our website to see which of our lighting systems best suit your requirements.

Advantages of Factory Automation

The main advantages of factory automation are:

– Providing higher level jobs in the running, maintenance, deployment, and development of the automated process.

– Frees up workers time to take on some other works.

– Reduces the work handling time and the operation time significantly.

– Performing the task that is further than a human’s capability in terms of endurance, speed, weight, and size.

– Replacing humans in the tasks that are done in environments that are dangerous.

– Substituting human operators on tasks that involve monotonous or physical works.

– Installs an automation wherein high level of accuracy is a must.

– Installing an automation in the operations to be able to reduce cycle time.

– There is an increase in the consistency of the output.

– There is an improvement in the toughness of the products and the processes.

– There is an increase in the quality of the product.

– And increase the productivity and output.


Disadvantages of Factory Automation

Here are some of the disadvantages of the factory automation:

– There is a high initial cost.

– An unpredictable or excessive developmental cost. There is a possible development cost in the automation process, which may exceed the saved cost by the factory automation.

– There are possible threats or vulnerability. This is since an automated system has a limited level of intelligence. Hence, it is vulnerable to errors.


Regardless of these disadvantages, the advantages of factory automation still outweigh them. So what are you waiting for, do you want to be left behind? If no, then automate now!


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